just going to leave this here... http://batshare.com/41pkjyzb4elp

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He punches in after every line. Must be difficult as fuck to perform live

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I'm not a fan of the Weeknd. I became a fan of Drake after Take Care but I skip every song The Weeknd is singing on. His voice annoys me...

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Daniela Diamond [Image] http://www.porntube.com/videos/daniela-diamond-gets-mouth-hot-cum_1119800?cid=35 http://beeg.com/8082470

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He recorded that in 08 during the Interscope deal Pink Lavalamp, The Come Down and The Up are supposed to be a series.

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[Quote]lmao the real tweets were  [Image] right now his facebook is being bombed by Task Force https://www.facebook.com/fckingbadass?fref=ts

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I feel you OP... Everybody is a rapper/producer these days. Actually putting effort in your music, uploading it and not getting no type of feedback sucks. Which is why I just make music for fun. I've stopped sharing and tweeting my links now. I just upload them, tweet them once and let them sit for people to discover. My twitter sends an automatic "welcome dm" to new followers with a link to my music also. To get somewhere in the music thing, you need to kiss ass and befriend people who have the connections to blogs, beats and important people. Or do something silly that gets you on WSHH and makes you go "viral"

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[Quote]This.  Lil B won.

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Some OC to revive this thread [Image]

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Simp of the Year.

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[Quote]Detox is going to be a failure if its not at least 2-4 discs of perfect beats with 40 guest features

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This girl on Twitter was posting "thirsty" messages she gets. [Image] That one was funny but I personally think Girls are lame as fuck when they constantly fish for complements to inflate their ego and then days later post screenshots of 10 different guys conversations with them while calling them thirsty.

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[Quote]America. It would be fought on Chinese soil. China may have like a Billion soldiers but they don't have a real Navy or the means to transport them to us. If they did have a proper Navy they wouldn't even be able to get their ships through their enemies, China, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea(where America happens to have bases They could try flying troops here but you already know America would have anything shot down before it touched American soil with the bases we have everywhere. If they somehow got past the overseas bases they would be dead on arrival. China would have a hard time fighting America's army AND all the civilians carrying Guns.

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I need beats! izunabeats@Gmail

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