Frequently Asked Questions When will the Z-2 suit be finished? We expect to have a fully built Z-2 suit by November 2014. What will the Z-2 suit be used for? Besides the typical fit checks and mobility evaluations, our team is currently planning a very comprehensive test campaign for the Z-2 suit. We will be conducting multiple vacuum chamber tests, including one series at full vacuum, mimicking the lack of atmosphere found in outer space. The suit will be tested at the Neutral Buoyancy Lab (NBL), the huge indoor pool NASA uses to train every astronaut in the technique of spacewalking. Further testing at a rocky Martian surface analog site at the Johnson Space Center along with other settings will help us evaluate mobility, comfort and performance of the suit. Ultimately, all of these tests will guide us in designing the next suit in the Z-series. Is the design that is selected going to fly to space? No, as the Z-series is still in the prototype or non-flight phase. The cover layer of a non-flight suit, which is used for ground-based testing, serves as abrasion/snag protection, a cover for technical details, and to a lesser extent, aesthetics. For a flight suit which is actually used for a spacewalk, the cover layer performs many other important functions such as micrometeorite, thermal and radiation protection. These requirements drive selection of specific high-performance materials and design details that would preclude us from using many of the features you see in these options for the Z-2 suit.

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1 You are sentenced to life no parole. You get the option to have your freedom. You will be left on an unknown and deserted island. You will have nothing but your prison clothes and a small knife. Stay or go to the island? 2 You are stranded in the desert with the person who killed your family You have a gun with only one bullet. You both will eventually die a slow death in the desert. You are restrained where he is just out of your reach Rules: he cannot hurt you but you can hurt/kill him with the gun Cannot escape your restraint Do you use the gun?

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Got home and found poop in my room. There was a main nugget and two other satellites of poop, forming a triangle of poop. My other genius dog goes to my room to investigate. As i tell him to stay away from it, he steps on one of the poop satellites, squishing it and sticking to his feet. At this point, i pick him up, so the poop from his paw gets onto my hand, so im like fuuuuu- When i get to cleaning that shit, i also notice a skidmark in the hallway so he must've done one of these [Image] tldr- one of my dogs pooped in my room. my other dog went in there and stepped in it. skidmarks also found inb4coolstory

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Connor Boss, the first legally blind contestant to compete for Miss Florida USA, was a top five finalist at the pageant Saturday but fell short of the title. video

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Fl[B][/B]ipping thru channels and caught the magic school bus. Left it for dat nostalgia shout outs to frank.ocean. A kid was sp[B][/B]eaking spanish. Bugged out cuz i didjt remember no Spanish bitch on the show. It was on a Spanish channel. Wake up drowsy and putting cereal in the fridge and the milk in the pantry u go.

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. . . Britney Spears ?)

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Carmageddon is the new hype

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Im sure you guys take 100s of them like everyone else. Do you have any certain interesting/funny ones?

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Gucci dont go on sale smh

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The Donkey and the Lap Dog Belling the Cat The Bundle of Sticks The Frogs Desiring a King The Jay and the Peacock The Milkmaid and her Pail The Old Man and Death The Woodman and the Serpent amirite

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Something you can get better at? or will some people just be doomed to be unfunny?

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videos after the jump

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