it's really a bitch but here's what you do go into prefs and go to import settings. Change all the importing prefs to mp3, at whatever bitrate you want. go back to the iTunes library and select the songs you want to convert. Then go to the advanced tab and there should be a selection that says "convert selection to mp3" or, use switch.

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well, I just had a birthday pass so I'm once again gift-card laden, although it would be nice if my aunts and uncles stayed on top of my current interests. I haven't rented a video from Blockbuster or bought an iTunes track in months, blahg Has anyone here used a gift-exchange site before? I'm kinda new to that area, looked at some options on ebay but none of that really seems kosher. Seems like a risk, you could mail out the cards and never hear from your swap partner ever again, but maybe thats paranoid. Not asking for a referral here, just the lowdown.

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[Quote] Last I heard QT wanted to "give the characters some rest"; I think it was in a conan interview or something. Maybe the rest won't take too long. Or maybe he'll wait for the original actresses of the daughters to grow up, ha.

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it was called "dot the i" although I've come up with a few other names for it

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eh, made me laugh. reminds me of that simpsons where Lisa is disqualified from the beauty contest because on the entry form there's a space that says: "Do not write here" and Homer writes "ok".

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I have a skin allergy to hemp, unfortunately...

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Yep, tutorials and manuals are great and there are a few books out there (just type in "photoshop" or "illustrator" to amazon and pick one out) that offer fantastic overviews and will have you designing in no time. I'm a self-taught user of both those programs myself so I highly recommend this method if ur an independent learner.

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