what's the story with that fight scene in the middle of downtown?

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rofl @ into graffing im really just posting nonsense so i can post an image in the june theme thread carry on

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apparently i need 3 more posts to post an image? swear i've posted images before. [Image]

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i think he's dope. original, does his thing. prolific artist? yea, i'd say he's prolific. mainly due to the amount of work he's created blushing

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i have a nikon 50mm and the kit 18-55mm i've only had the 50mm for about 2 months, and i shot 2 months straight with it before slapping the kit lense back on. i prefer the kit. might have to try out a 35mm at some point, though.

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[Quote] fixed

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[Quote] take another look. i actually don't think he's wearing a white tee in any of these shots. jackets are ill, though, you've got that right.

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[Quote] yea whoever's style it is, it's not bad

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don't care for the song really, but I thought the video work was kind of cool. I've recently become a big Dexter fan and love the intro to the show.

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it appears that matching vest/pants without the jacket is generally thought of as a half-assed look. I really think it would look ok, but I may get the jacket to complete the damn suit.

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probably not a ton of help, but I am in a similar situation this coming weekend. wedding is semi-formal, being held at the Music Hall in Cincinnati, OH. So far I've gotten a pair of gray pinstripe pants and a matching vest. I think I'm going to just wear a white shirt and a black/gold tie (yet to be purchased) to semi-coordinate with the black dress/gold/white accents my lady is rocking. I feel like a little bit of a jackass wearing a vest sans jacket, since this isn't a look I've ever tried out, but it is the summer after all.

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bananas.. what was your process? sketch turned into digital illustration? was there a photography you based the drawing on? I'm curious. Either way, very well done.

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study. maybe buy a book. but mainly, observe. i agree to have style is difficult to learn aside from practicing and a little bit of natural ability... but you can LEARN technical skills and methods to rendering images. for instance i can draw cartoon style and i am/was a graffiti writer, good with letters and shapes, but i had to buy a book to learn figure drawing. (i also took a course in college) observe, study, practice no easy way to learn anything worth learning

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I'm in. there was this graphic design competition called "lightboxing" whre designers/artists are supplied with a "box" of elements (photos, pieces of type, textures, etc) and they come up with an original concept/piece of art and then get judged usually 1 v 1 i could find some additional info on it if anyone is interested

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[Quote] 1. template - this is usually determined by whoever you are using to print. for instance we have a company in columbus called "skreened" that does process RGB t-shirts (1-offs) for $20.... their canvas is 11x17. obviously this wouldn't apply to a baby t-shirt. 2. printer - this i don't have an answer for 3. you aren't forced to design in CMYK (thought it would be wise) but after you've finished your des ign, you'll have to convert your color mode from RGB to CMYK... you'll see a difference right in front of your eyes when you make the switch.. it's really not THAT drastic. 4. for the company i mentioned they ask for 200 dpi or up. my suggestion, when possible, is to create your designs as vector art.. obviously there will be exceptions like using photo images, at which point i'd say sample them at as close to 300 dpi as possible

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