I just remembered what it's called it's t level

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Hey I was looking for suggestions on Courier/Messenger/Laptop Bags and there was a korean based brand that made these nice ones but i forgot but regardless i could use some suggestions

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I know what your sayin man. I live up in the North in Toronto. And It's like the same "idea" here. I believe alot has to do with media, your culture, and preferences i guess. The media influences many people seen as role models toward society as the ideal person. I guess those would people like movie stars or the guy that plays Edward Cullen in Twilight are so "perfect and ideal" that people begin to want associate with. Perhaps asians themselves would like a change? or perhaps it's a sign of rebellion to their culture. I'm asian myself but I'd prefer girls of my own ethnicity just because my whole family is asian. I believe that some asian girls don't like the typical asian man. Always on the computer or gaming instead of going out or prefering to achieve excellance over spending time with their friends.

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