Just won this bidding on eBay for a surprisingly low price of $130. I own a few Gucci belts that I have bought from the Gucci store and this one seems to match up but I would just like to be positive. Can anyone verify this for me for sure? Here is the link to the eBay post.[URL]

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Where can I order legit Janoskis online? Also did those Janoski Tiffs ever drop?

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Hey HB, I need to rock a tux. Can you guys help me out with some ideas, for dope ways to rock one or some pics of dudes rocking em that look original and stylish. I was just gonna wear either a traditional black on white or a black on black. This is a high class event so I'm tryna look my best. *If you have seen the hangover, I kinda like how Phil wears his at the begining when they are just about to hit the town

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As we know, you can stay fresh as hell but the fragrances be what gettin the ladies, yadidimean?? Put what your into right now and all time fave for all occasions. Right now I'm diggin Lacoste Essential but the all time has to be Aqua Di Gio, bitches be trippin over that shit haha

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I just ordered some T's off Karmaloop, one of the shirts was a Kazbah item. I already received the email from Karmaloop saying my Karma stuff has been shipped and that I will receive an email from Kazbah when they ship my other Tee. It has been 3 days, no email or anything from Kazbah or EZ lifestyle which is the brand of the shirt, is this typical? I have ordered from Karma many times but this is my first Kazbah purchase.

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