I just put in a respectable bid on a Chrysler Prowler after watching some old Hot Boys videos. I'm pretty sure I'm going to win. What's the dumbest thing you've done drunk?

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The thumbs up and thumbs down function? The '@<InsertUsernameHere>' function? What's gucci with this shit? I feel like all the spammers will just create fake accounts to upvote/downvote their own submissions....

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When do y'all dudes draw the line?

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I don't know if anyone here is familiar with Google+ so here's a video about it. [URL] Send me your email or post it here and I'll send you an invite and tell you how to access it. Right now it's still in a closed beta form so you need an invite. It's pretty righteous.

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Does anyone else here absolutely hate sleeping? Whenever I wake up I feel like I've lost quite a few hours of productivity. Some days I feel like I'm Christian Bale in "The Machinist". I'll see weird stuff out of the corner of my eye(usually birds). Anyone else indulge in sleeplessness?

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You know what it is. A pair of 30 x 32 fluxus 04's. They are raw/unwashed and look amazing in person. I haven't even tried these on (all tags and baggage from visvim included). These were purchased from The Undisputed for $354 including shipping. Unfortunately I'm going through some financial difficulties so I'm trying to sell these ASAP. I'm looking to get $320 (with free shipping anywhere in the continental U.S.). I will ship within 24 hours of receiving the funds. I accept payment in the form of Paypal and Money Order. I'm open to offers or possible trades with cash. [Image] Thanks

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Does anyone have tips for taking pictures in the snow? I find it difficult to take quality pictures in the snow when it's not absolutely blue skies all around.

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I bought a pair of 2010 Vans Syndicate Samples off Soxfan. He asked me for the address for the delivery two days ago and they showed up at my house today. Considering he's over 2000 miles away from me I have to say it's the fastest shipping I've ever seen. Plus, the shoes that he sent are totally spotless. A definite 10/10 from me.

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Bought two supreme tees off of New.User and they arrived today. The shipping was quick as hell and both the tees were clean and he let them go for a great price. I'm fully satisfied with this transaction and would highly recommend purchasing from him any time. 10/10 from me. Thanks New.User! blushing

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I'm looking for a pair of all black leather or suede Vans eras. Any ideas? I've been looking for a while but haven't found shitttttttttt. Just need a simple all black era.

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I was skating with my brother downtown earlier today and I boofed it on a 5 stair (I know, lame). As I was coming down I landed in the sitdown position with my ankle and foot right under my ass. When I landed I heard a pop and immediately felt my heart beat in my foot. The problem here is that I just recently canceled my health insurance because I planned on going with a bigger better company. Should I go to the free clinic to get shit checked out or wait 4 days for my new insurance to kick in? I think the clinic is going to charge a ton and I have got other bills to pay. This sucks smh

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So I guess gay marriage just got legalized in my state (Iowa). We're the third state in the country to fully legalize which is weird but w/e. One of my co-workers is gay and he invited to go watch his wedding happening later this week to his longtime boyfriend. So should I go? I feel like it's going to be super-awkward and strange because of the stigma surrounding the situation. I've got no problem with gay marriage but never thought that I would have to attend a gay wedding.

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Where's a good place to cop plaid button down shirts at a reasonable price?

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Just looking for some supreme tees. Box logo, dipset. Hit me up with a pm of the shirt description and a price quote. -thanks.

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