Really though, putting it on the back of your hand? real playas know it should be on on your fingers.... lol (advanced playas put it on the mustache)

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23 or 24

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I saw a pic of miss T&T a couple months ago and i was wondering who is that, she was looking hott like a Jane March. And I am so gonna cuss out my guidance counselor for not telling me these options; men out there having fun while I'm working in a f*ing cubicle all day. smh tongueface

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apocalypto - great the hurt locker - great cube - very good transformers2 - terrible star trek - very good

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depending on the time of day/night. What I wear for other people varvatos varvatos vintage burberry london when i wear it for myself gucci envy demeter lavender spezie and a few others I don't remember offhand

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