currently: ruck from heltah skeltah (sean price for you younger heads) elzhi royce budden jay elec

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LOL @ anyone thinking mys was even close to seeing ness. duke got embarrassed.

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[URL] heat

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[Quote] nah, he was talking about his brother and how he clapped him because he thought he stole his rings.

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[Quote] lol the same could definitely be applied to royce. at least budden had pump it up. i like both. lyrically, there's not many that can see either. but i think budden got this. either way, i think both should just dead this youtube beefing bullshit and focus on dropping albums.

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[Quote] [URL]

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[Quote] how would you even know how the rave scene was like in 97? if your myspace is right, you were like 9 years old...

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...about the grimiest thing one man can do to another.... ..

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[Quote] LOL @ this cat just posting pics of random asians in them. 'cism...

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[Quote] sounding more like beavis than the joker....

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[Quote] ..........aaaaayyyyoooooooooo... .......

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......... ..LOL @ dis dumb caveman lookin mufucka ryanfresh bein too stupid to know he posted two different screenshots......

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[Quote] [Image]

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[Quote] how about i take this barbed-wire, wrap it around my fist and mash you in da face wit a spinning backhand punch, rippin da muthafukkin flesh down to da bone wit ya faggit-ass friends sittin on da stoop drinkin cisco from a styrofoam cup, screamin cuz they seen pieces of ya nostrils layin in da gutter, and ya one eye ball leakin some kind of dark-yellow pus, and you just got da shakes cuz you know you fukked up for life, and you hear ya bytch screamin for help cuz she see me holdin my hand above my head lettin da blood drip down on my face, but nobody do nothing, so i decide to hit you wit a quick chop to ya throat, but i stop right before i make contact and just look you in ya one good eye and let you know dat not only is you scarface for real, but that i took a shyt on da barb-wire da night before.......

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....... ..2nd chick's titties are extraordinary.....

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