drake and j cole and mickey factz even

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az= greatest emcee of all time in my opinion...flow is butter on a bagel on a monday morning..if u like bagels...no homo?

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i think jay may do him dirty.....but hope the kid gets a shot...

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aslong as az and big l are mentioned im good...jay z = overated

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hes took the g rap rapid fire flow and really took it to a nice level..not saying he outdid him..but added some spazazz to it....

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isnt the whole point to conceal the fact that hes a devil worshipper? secret society aka its a secret...

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wale is wierd sometimes he just strays from making sense...hes more based on flow....j cole is more filled with sucstance and wittyness but still not to off the wall..and his flows nice...kinda drake like but meh

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the pharcyde - drop os crazy!

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i heard a infared pack of jordan 6 is rumored to drop?

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450 for the infared jordan 6's

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sea glow has bad effects though it makes your soles come apart after a few uses....good thing to use is go to your local gas station and buy interior car wipes for your dashboard..and its like a set of cloths with soap in em they wash and dry with a few wipes....its real good..works real nice on all material of the shoe....

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black on black forces can take a beating and still look fresh..so there always good for the winter...and the jordan8's playoff edition blacks are cool to...

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when it comes down to quality and look and longevvity...the nike air pennys...any model...great quality shoe....i love jordans but they never last and get messed up real quick

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ps3 is far more than just a video game console its a multimedia machine..ps3 all day

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thanks ^^

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