I can trade for.....a MMA tracker is anyone gots one.

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its at cmonwealth.... prolly old so, sorry...anyway go cop!

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dont know if this should go here or the sticfy thread. Anyway, lets say I just want to splatter blue ink on a t-shirt in big bloches. Is there a specific dye to get? Im looking rite now but thoguht I'd see what HB;ers can do to help?

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Never seen it before, the brand Im sure youve seen somewhere [Image]

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Anyone know any ways to get thier stuff in the US, or shipped to the US? [Image]

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[URL] looks, OK....what you all tink?

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[URL] hit it up, I fucking hate the jeans but I figure Id put the heads up in here.smokeyface

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If this is in the wrng Forum, sorry I was just wondering if anyone knows how to order from this site? [URL]

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Hey wus ploppin! New here and had a question, I just wanted to know the overall quality of the Bape Hoodies? Like do the colors fade fast? Are they Soft or more heavy? Do they crease, or get bends near the zippers? I know its alot of questions but Ive payd like 2 bills for some Hoodies of other brands and the quality is amazing. Im just not sure if Bape is Priced that way for Exclusivity and quality or just Exclusivity. Anyone who answers thx alot, I just want to make sure I like it before I put 3-4 bills down on one, and have no way of actually feeling/seeing one(except fapes )

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