[Image] Knocked the fuck out.

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Music taught me 'fuck bitches, get money'. So I guess so.

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I come from a Jamaican background, so I grew up on this music kind of. I don't listen to it on a regular basis, and can only really stand listening to it at parties.

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Lemme drop my 2 cents. Jay is a veteran in the game (no pun intended). Honestly, The Game has no chance and he shouldn't even have the right to attmept to face up to someone who he looked up to himself. How are you going to say you used to look up to dude and listen to his shit religiously, and then a few years later when you finally have a name for yourself you talk shit on him. That right there shows that The Game is fake and that he is clearly attacking Jay to maybe try and push more units or create some heat for himself to try and regain his dying fanbase. Lyrically I personally think Jay comes harder. As for The Game writing his own shit, I can believe that. I believe it because of the fact that no one can write a life story for someone else. Almost every song Game drops is some story about his life talking about: [Quote] And some other additions about him being shot, and whatnot. Jay spits that intraspective shit, and mixes his music up to make him a real transition artist. Those who say he only speaks about Marcy and whatever, you obviously do not take the time to listen to his shit. Not even one of Games albums can compare to Jays first (Reasonable Doubt) and many of the other albums hes put out (Blueprint, and I don't even have to name the rest). I can somewhat agree that he has fell off overtime mostly due to the fact that he doesn't need rap anymore and hes past due. If Jay really wanted to fuck the rap game up again, I'm sure he could if he wanted to. Jay > Jay > Jay > Jay > Game

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He took this one too? [Image]

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That's some Ruff Ryder shit. One word, brave.

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There are some exceptions, but I'd agree. I [b]have[/b] to wear black shoes for school uniform, so regardless I'm forced to buy/wear them. I wouldn't wear them on the reg. otherwise.

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Maybe they have a different style with a detachable front pocket, but I have the same type as in the picture above and I'm 100% sure you can't just take it off. Unless they cut it off, which I doubt would work also..

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Yeah, the Kobes are a hot mess, for real. Were they trying to bring up some kind of futuristic spaceship shoe? They failed on that one.

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I don't even know what to say about that. I'd still hit, whatever, but she snapped here.

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[Quote] Lol, that'd be super weird if two people met up in the street and did a 2-minute hand shake. Regular handshake wins all the time..

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Grapefruit soda is the shit. I'm about to stop messing with the soda though, so LATER.

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I don't know about 'butt hurt' (I've never heard of the term). But yeah, I hate when people tell you to relax or chill-out, especially when you're mad for a legitimate reason.

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I used to eat Domino's like a bitch when I was younger; I don't think this crap happens in Canada though [I hope]. The videos' on World Star. http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshh2kGDG6guI2BOokwD

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Worthy songs on the album are: Mafia Music Maybach Music 2 Magnificent Yacht Club [On the fence with this one] Usual Suspects Valley of Death Everything is either [i]all right[/i] or [i]crap[/i]. Good album overall.

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