What should I wear today/tonight vol. fuck all y'all.

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I'm looking for $60 shipped. These have been worn heavily, but still have life left in them. The photos speak for themselves: [Image]

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I'm visiting SCAD on Sunday and staying till Wednesday morning. epic meetup for teh lulz

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I thought there was a thread like this, but I searched and couldn't find anything. Tama Rockstar RS '98 12x10 14x14 20x16 13x5 Omar Hakim Sig. Snare 14" ZBT hats, hand hammered 20" ZBT ride, hand hammered 20" Vintage Paiste 2002 Flat Ride 18" HHX Legacy crash 19" Saluda Ion V prototype crash 18" Wuhan China (not set up right now, but I throw it on every once in a while.) Dunno why my throne was so high in that first pic, I've lowered it since it was taken. [Image]

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Hey guys, I need to trim down my current portfolio by at least one photo, and I need some help deciding what to take out. If you could take a minute to take a look through it and tell me what to remove and why to remove it, that would be awesome. http://www.flickr.com/photos/indirectdelete/sets/72157614313654773/

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What's good hypebeast? I've been traveling around China for the past 2 weeks and now I'm in Beijing taking classes. So I was wondering if any of you guys know of good stores to check out while I'm here, seeing as everything is so damn cheap. Wandering around yesterday I saw a couple of streetwear stores that had some decent stuff, but this is such a huge city that there must be a lot of cool places to take a look at. So, any recommendations?

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Okay, so this weekend I wanna go on an adventure lolz! I wanna go all over the city (maybe biking?), take some pics, do some art nahmeeen!? Anyone else down lulz? WE CUD GO 2 SUPLEMEEEE

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Anyone here going? I'm gonna be there, trying to get rid of my Wtaps...

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These have a lot of life left in them. They're a bit too big for me, which is why I'm selling them. [B]Please note!!![/B] - I can only do NYC meetups. I am looking for $90, but am willing to take offers. [B]Does not[/B] come with OG box/dustbag or leather laces. [Image]

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Once I was watching tv and I made this thread. lol @ me mistaking active voice for passive voice! grammar lulz

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Let's start the new year right!

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Is $8,000. LOL. Way to go, Nikon. I hope no one buys this unless they're planning on making HUGE prints, in which case they should be using film. SMH. tongueface

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[Image] What are these Chukkas? The textured part of the midsole does not have a curved edge, and they're not on the Syndicate site. Old Vaults? A collab? Thanks for any help!

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