[COLOR="Red"]Up for sale is the Supreme Japan Benefit Tshirt Size L Looking for 75 s/o 100 shipped bin for this bad boy. smokeyface[/COLOR] [COLOR="Blue"]Paypal Only 4% or Gift[/COLOR] [B]Tagged pics will be provided upon arrival of tshrit. Also, will ship promptly. Any questions, feel free to ask. Thanks! blushing[/B] [Image]

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Me and my friends were having a discussion about what is all colors combined and what's the lack of any color or the absence of all colors. Don't say both. I don't care whether you're thinking scientifically or just practically. What's your opinion?

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So, my 360 yet again has a problem with it for like the 4th time. I need to send it in but they won't repair it for free cause it has 2 red rings and it only covers 3 rings now. Whenever i play a game, it overheats but i can watch movies for hrs without it overheating. someone tell me whats wrong with this fckin system and what i can do to fix this problem.

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Title says it all. Looking to buy a Supreme Jfk tee size M preferably or a Large. Any colorway except white, thanks. smokeyface

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My friend is getting a buick lesabre 2001 about 42000 miles on it give or take a couple miles and wants to know if buick is a reliable brand and wont go to shit after a couple years. Are american cars shitty compared to foreign made cars? Any help would be appreciated. smokeyface

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I'm not to familiar with laptops and what's features are good to look at when buying one. I want one with sufficient memory and a long battery life for starters. If anyone could make suggestions for some good laptops it would be appreciated,Thanks.smokeyface

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A friend wants to register to use the forums, how can they register, or when can they?

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I didn't know where to put this thread but oh well. My homie bought something off ebay from some dude and now the guy wont sell the item to him? Any way to make the guy sell the item? It was far under retail, that's why the guy is making excuses not to sell.

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Here's to a year without having the thread deleted! smokeyface [COLOR="RoyalBlue"][Rogue Status] - 2009 Discussion Thread[/COLOR][URL] [Image]

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Well, my contract is ending soon and i wanna renew it with AT&T. can someone suggest me a good phone besides the iphone that would have some good features and is affordable without some 50 buck data plan.

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Title says it all. Looking for some brand new deadstock supreme vans from spring 2009 in Black like shown in this pic. [Image]

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Any of ya'll believe in God? just a curiosity question. If so which God?

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Yes or no?

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If i have done business with you, please post feedback. Thanks. smokeyface

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