My friend who showed me all these different styles of dunks and SB's and then from that day on I've been checking out sneakers and have been buying ever since. :]

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My friend told me 501 Levi's are raw denim :O but I dunno.

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^^^co-sign they're okaaay but I'd rather spend money on other stuff

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I've been buying some Levi 501's lately because they're all I can afford for now haha they're dope thought I like the way it fits. When I get enough cash and after I buy a few more tee's I'm planning on picking up some evisu's. smokeyface Oh and just wodnering but how do Evisu's fit? because I'm a size 30 but for Levi 501's I had to get a 34 because anything under that would be skin tight on me so does anyone what Evisu's fit like?

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Yooo just wondering if anyone plays Halo 2 on live hit me up haha "Sofa k1ng Dope" always looking for people to play with and who better to play with than other shoeheads smokeyface so yeeeah post you gt's too

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I skate been skating everyday so far but I rolled my ankle trying to perfect my pop shuvit so yeah I've been out since Friday xD, I tried skating yesterday but it hurt doing so. Sucks because I still didn't perfect that damn trick tongueface it takes me 84735908732509834750392 tries to do one so all I can do is ollie and pop shuvit.

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I like Tito Ortiz so I'm going with him haha

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I thought it could have been better if they didn't kill off so many characters tongueface or could have been better in general and have more fight scenes. I was looking forward ot seeing the juggernaut fight colossus but nope didnt happen :/ ^^^ to the guy above me Gambits real name was just on the computer screen in x2 when mistique(spelling? ) hacked into the computer to find where magneto was and all that stuff....yeah i noticed....

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I wanna check it out, after he gets shot in the eye and he doesn't even blink I was like "damn now I wanna watch it"

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Fight Club, Sin City, and Wedding Crashers are my top 3 right now smokeyface

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Fight Club >smh

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The Ataris - Your Boyfriend Sucks >smh

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It's looks fucking dope haha, but I'd rather cop shoes or clothing smokeyface

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Two days a week, Saturday and Sunday. :] I'd be happy if I continued working so I have some funding for my hobby of collection kicks haha. Yay for work....

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Senorita Bread and water haha.

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