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This dude has been in the game for a long while now, he comes from my part of the bay area. He's pretty much one of the only dudes i still listen to from the bay. none of that hyphy shit. I think this song gets radio play in east? But this guy and the husalah needs more attention. Heres one of his newest songs. [URL]

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gaaaay. [URL]

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[CENTER]I am 100% legit[/CENTER] I do not ship first, no trades, SALE ONLY! I accept Paypal + 4% and money orders. Dont offer unless you have money in hand. All shirts size Medium. All in great condition and neverwashed. Most worn once, some worn 3 times but very lightly over a undershirt. then sprayed with febreez after wear. contact me from weither PM or AIM: Imperial925 Dont hesitate to ask questions. I would prefer to sell all of them for 250 USD. If not then its 25 bucks + 5 bucks shipping for each. You save money if you buy them all blushing [Image] [B]Mishka[/B] worn once [B]SOLD[/B] [B]Dissizit![/B] worn three times [B]SOLD[/B]

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[SIZE="7"]PAYPAL ONLY +4%[/SIZE] I have many refs from this forum [SIZE="5"]No trades![/SIZE] [SIZE="4"]Will not ship first![/SIZE] [SIZE="3"]No lowballers![/SIZE] [SIZE="2"]On Hypebeast almost all day so hit me up with a PM.[/SIZE] [SIZE="1"]Well alright, previous owner only worn these once and then sold them to me, could pass as DS, Really good condition, the gum bottom shows no scrape, comes with OG box. size 9, [B]110 shipped obo[/B][/SIZE] [Image]

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which one would you get? [Image]

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okay ever since dreamcast came out ive still been playing it till this day. I dont have much games. all i have is Soul caliber, house of the dead II, Marvel vs capcom 2, fur fighters, DOA2, powerstine 2 and royal rumble. Im bored of them, What games do you guys recommend i get? whats some dope shooting games? or dope 4 player games?

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I checked the HB forum like 5 minutes ago and everything was different, the layout and everything. I couldnt even log on because i wasnt a member anymore, no one was everything was empty. Does I just accidentally see a preview of what Kevin is going to change HB too. because it would suck if we had to start everything over again. ...or maybe it was just an error lol

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this will turn out like all the other video games turned into movies...wack! with the exception of mortal kombat. [URL]

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weeeeee! [URL]

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Can anyone recommend any shades, my budget is 110.

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my cheap mondays came in the mail and its 30x34 and im really a size 30x30 so its just too long. if i take my jeans to the taylor to cut it shorter to 30, will my jeans look akward? and i want them to keep the original cuff/leg opening length so i was thinking the leg would look too wide. would i have to get the whole jeans altered?

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making this thread before i take a dump but heres my video. [URL]

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I have a home video on a vcd, how can i transfer that onto my computer so i can upload it on youtube and shit. everytime i insert the vcd into my computer i can only watch it.

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