Jack Johnson is touring right now and Bahamas opened his show in Minneapolis last week. The concert was excellent and I think a few of you might enjoy their music (Bahamas is technically justĀ Afie Jurvanen but he had a few other people with him on stage when he played - a drummer and two more singers). Caught Me Thinking: [Embed content]

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[Image] Another exciting Concepts x Nike SB collaboration. They did a great job with the lobsters both times before. What do you think / hope these will be?

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[Image] These already sold out on the UK Flatspot website. Does anyone know if these are scheduled to release stateside?

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[Embed content] The first one was awesome and this had potential to be even better. Music this good and this original should not be collecting dust due to label politics or whatever other reasons are preventing its release.

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Just a few things I've been trying to be more mindful of lately: 1. Eye contact 2. Addressing people by name always (and remembering names) 3. Punctuality What other little things do you try to work on or want to improve on in your daily life? Inb4 "Buy more box logos"

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I finally found a pair of the pinstripe AM1s on ebay and bought them for a reasonable market price (not too good to be true). The seller had great feedback but dealt almost entirely in baby size Nikes and Jordans and this pair was one of the only regular size pairs he was selling. They came without a box which was a bit strange. I think these released in 2010 as a QS. The Nike store I took them to wasn't very familiar with the release but said if they are fakes they are the best fakes they have seen. Any input from HB would be much appreciated before I wear them. Thanks for the help. [Image]

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[Embed content] I came across this song by Noah Bility a while ago (on DJBooth.net I think) and I think you guys will enjoy it. His whole EP is really solid. Download Saturday In December EP - Link

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Who has been (or currently is) on the forums who became famous and / or successful in a relevant industry?

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