"A man should look as if he had bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care and then forgotten all about them." - Hardy Amies I've always liked that quote.

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[Embed content] Hocus Pocus

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The Drive In Theatre: [Image] Download: [URL] Enjoy.

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[Quote]I found the audio and video to be a bit disjointed as well, not a lot - probably just a fraction of a second, but enough to be distracting. Other than that though, I think there is a simplicity and honesty that comes with a video like this. I really like the relaxed sound you have and I'm looking forward to hearing more.

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Recently I've been working on: 1. Paying closer attention to who I spend time with and looking for people who are interesting and worth being around. 2. Staying in contact with friends who live far away. 3. Engaging with my interests more and learning as much about them as I can. 4. Refining and simplifying all aspects of my life.

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Jack Johnson is touring right now and Bahamas opened his show in Minneapolis last week. The concert was excellent and I think a few of you might enjoy their music (Bahamas is technically just Afie Jurvanen but he had a few other people with him on stage when he played - a drummer and two more singers). Caught Me Thinking: [Embed content]

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I picked up Taco Bell for lunch (Cheesy Gordita Crunches & 1/2 Baja Blast 1/2 regular Mountain Dew) and paid for the car behind me. There is enough stress on the world right now so it's nice to brighten other people's days when the opportunities arise no matter how small the gestures may be.

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I would rather see this happen and know that it's really live than have the verse playing in the background so the show goes "perfectly." I've only seen Kanye once (the Glow In The Dark tour from a few years ago) and it was one of the most elaborate and spectacular shows I have ever attended. The stage set was ridiculous and Kanye went through what seemed like his whole catalogue with the entire building singing along for hours and hours. It was true entertainment on every level.

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[Quote] Definitely this ^. Dom has been around for too long to be considered a freshman though.  Three people with $ signs in their names instead of regular S's though? Curren$y is the only one who can pull that off without seeming gimmicky IMO.

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[Quote]Nope I just put them right in the washing machine (by themselves) and they came out fine.

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Cleaning: Rubber: Mr. Clean Magic Erasers Suede & Leather: Jason Markk and warm water with some sort of medium or soft bristle brush Roshes: Washing Machine  Drying: I never put anything in the dryer. Just use a towel to wipe the shoes down after they are clean and let them air dry.

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[Quote] Excellent story. It's on page 2 of the thread in case anyone is looking for it.

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This was great on all levels (sound, visuals, concept & plot) and @xvilln was right: that short was exceptional.

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GT: Peach Lemonade Put HB in the friend request message. I've got a mic and I would be up for getting a team together.

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