I'd cop them if I have spare cash. Not really a priority pair of shoes since they aren't the best tongueface ..

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Anybody have a collection they're looking to get rid of? Buying 1 whole collection if good and cheap! (Cheap as in lowered prices) blinkyeyes ... PM me if interested.

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CoD. Except for the classics like CoD 4, WaW, MW2, MW3, Black O-...Wait... ....They're all the same :|

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Just looking for some songs to download to expand my library for DJ'ing. I DJ Electronica, House, Hip Hop and Dubstep (+ The little random genres) Here's my contribution (Casual bangers): [Embed content]

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I eat healthy since I do Mixed Martial Arts (Muay Thai, Boxing, BJJ, and Wrestling) and it's just been a habit for me. Healthy food ain't boring if you learned how to actually cook and it ain't all that expensive. $200 MAX for groceries per month for 3 people and we still eat healthy? Nuff' Said. smokeyface

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CAMBO RAMBO's! Pass. smokeyface

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I'd cop the All black and the colourful printed ones. Any information on release dates? Or where to even get these? smokeyface

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Stealth Foams + AJ XI + Christmas Gifts for everybody... = No Food December Starvin' time

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Better than the Yeezy II's if I say so myself. smokeyface

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Probably will grow on me. If they do go Retail then yes! If not I'd just have to put it on my wishlist. tongueface

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Nah, you can choose whatever the hell you want to wear. Got hated on? Who gives a shit. Nobodies going to stop you from wearing what you choose on wearing. Especially if it's random people hating. When are you even going to see them again in Life? QQ

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[Quote] k

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What did you even spill on it? :| Try searching up solutions such as using Google and searching "How to clean white sneakers" . Tons of suggestions pop up. By the looks of it, even if you do manage to clean it up, the stain will always be there. smh

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