she makes them look good.

Replied in Cassie rockin' SB's, 2 Weeks ago in Brands

not feeling the hair cut.

Replied in Oh god ... what happened to cassie ???, 2 Weeks ago in Off Topic

wear what you want.

Replied in Shoes for college, 2 Weeks ago in Footwear

nike windbreaker.

Replied in The best shit you got from Marshall's, 2 Weeks ago in Off Topic

att all day.

Replied in What phone carriers do you guys have?, 2 Weeks ago in Off Topic

hella fucked up.

Replied in Girl Throws Puppies Into A River, 2 Weeks ago in Off Topic

hot days at csueb all week.

Replied in Its a beautiful day here in Bay Area, California, 2 Weeks ago in Off Topic

cinnamon toast crunch is the best.

Replied in What is your favorite cereal?, 2 Weeks ago in Off Topic

cakesters hands down.

Replied in Dope snacks, 2 Weeks ago in Off Topic

she alright.

Replied in This chick>>>>that Nicki something bitch, 2 Weeks ago in Music

he got a nice jumper.

Replied in How smooth is Durants Jumpshot?, 2 Weeks ago in Sports

cant wait till it drops.

Replied in NBA 2K11 Official Discussion Thread, 2 Weeks ago in Gaming

still have the cassie poster? would you do 40 shipped?

Replied in Diamond Supply Co x Black Scale (medium) / Cold As Ice + Cassie Posters!, 2 Weeks ago in Apparel