40 Cal Broken Safety 1 & 2, Hell Rell Eat With Me Or Eat A Box Of Bullets

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i got a scarf for christmas from Mom Dukes it was pretty straight, no real complaints

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Karmaloop shoud have it, in the Kazbah

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At the end of the day he's richer then all of us, and he can do whatever he wants, i cant hate on that

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I put the smack down like it's rehab Make sure that there's no relapse with these cats Cowards couldn't rap this dope with a zig zag I let my lips drag, spitting with that big swag It's sad all these wannabes Wanted to be Jay then K. West Wanna be star of the Roc(Rock) Kid you're not Sean Connery But like The Rock I'm surrounded by watery flows Still it really don't bother me Fake ballers, weak game, less polished than Bell Wallace's While I breed quality music getting quality spins They stay 2nd rate Chingy's at the Quality Inn Now that's a joke to a real rapper I could decrease the skill factor and still make you feel whacker Ah gee, now you got me - cocky Cats say 'you the illest' I'm like 'nah b nah b nah b... ' Well ok probably but that's just only cause I rap like it's my hobby Not a jobby-job all sloppy and off-key Y'all Mad as March trying to knock off the top-seed I'm in the mix/Da Mix like Roxy So hot he even get props from neo-Nazis Now I don't really like to... --Shad

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there is also no way in hell that Life after death is better than ready to die, that might be the dumbest thing i have ever heard said about anything ever

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how is It Was Written better than Illmatic? ts a hot CD dont get me wrong, but illmatic was just so pure.

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Pen and Pixel

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[Quote] btw, this is a Levi thread in a Denim forum, FAIL also, when a band named "Dynamite Hack' makes a cover to a song called Boyz In Da Hood, and its better than the original, that should tell you something about the artist. No disrepeezy to Eazy but he was kinda wack get your hiphop game up.

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Blu, Shad, Soul Position, Mr Lif

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[Quote] yea thats def rite in front of Mass Art

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shit it doesnt matter after this track theyll prolly do a track together

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So(ul) Amazing by Blu Any song Shad's ever done The Blast by Talib Kweli How We Live by Styles P Still Feel Me by Jadakiss Sa-Ra's first CD

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[Quote] Theres gonna be a season 2, cant wait Yea Death Note was the first thing that came to mind when you said addictive, i watched every episode in 2 weeks, and im about to watch the movies, besides Afro Samurai and Death Note tho, i really dont watch anime

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its probably a minor league team

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