Coachella, Sasquatch, Bonnaroo, blah blah...who's going to what? I'm anxious as fuck waiting for lineups to be announced..<br>'Bout to cawp my Sasquatch ticket here in a week or so.

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Ayy I got pretty shit faced last night and did something to my phone apparently. It only turns on when it is plugged in even though the battery is fully charged and it doesn't have service and even the wifi won't work. I have tried multiple times to restore it but it won't even do that. So if anyone can help me out that would be dope. Thanks

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so last night i managed to get a minor in consumption. dont really know how, just found the ticket in my pocket this morning. i'm sure some of you guys have gotten them too so i was wondering what the fuck i am going to have to deal with (fines, community service, aa class, etc etc?) help me out guys

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Ay homies. For my final speech in my comm 101 class i need to have an issue and a call to action. its gotta be actually achievable, not something as big as world hunger or some shit. i want a unique topic and not one thats been done a million times so i need some ideas. i know some of you guys are smart as hell so i would appreciate some legitimate help. thanks

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What the fuck is up with all the dots now? Is it a collabo or something? And most importantly, am I the only one who thinks all the polka dot shit is gay/ugly as fuck?? No hate on Supreme, just speaking the truth.

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Ay. How many of you guys felt it was necessary to get out of where you grew up and go "find yourself" or whatever cheesy ass term you wanna call it? Right now I am in my first year at a community college in the town I grew up in and I just find myself feeling like I'm not really doing anything. Like I'm just going through the motions through work and school and partying and I feel like my life is just not shit right now. So to sum it up, strongly considering going somewhere else next semester, like possibly back to California (where I am originally from). I feel like I need to go scare myself and get uncomrfortable in order to really test myself. What y'all think?

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If the bitch ass Knicks get their own thread, then so do the Lakers. smokeyface smokeyface [Image]

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Like do you think OF would have ever blown up like they did had Tyler not been a member on here?

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Great fucking album. Seattle hip hop does it again. [Image] [Embed content]

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The first two episodes this season have been really good. Who's watching?

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What does it mean and how do I fix the problem so I can play again?

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What are all your thoughts on not going to school? I'm in my first semester right now and it's fucking awful, I hate it. I'm considering not going next semester, prob. take some time off and go back in a year or so. I just feel like I'd be better off working right now because I have no fucking clue what I wanna study anyways so I feel like I'm wasting my time... Discuss..

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how many of you hbers are under 21 yet like to get your drink on? what do you like to drink? how you get your hook ups? just curious

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