Where can I find a beanie similar to one that this model is wearing? The ones I find are always too big, I'd like to have it above my ears but without any slouch on top [Image] http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=28982072&parentid=M-FALLPOSTER#/

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Anyone notice when Rick says his last line that the shadow on his eye makes him look like the Governor with the eyepatch? felt like a genius catching that one

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Going to the clubs Vegas for the first time, not sure what to wear. Any advice? Edit: Clarified what I'm doing out there

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this thread is tldr.. is the special edition worth it?

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[Quote]didnt the doctors rule out that poison tho Walt did poison the kid but used that flower in his backyard

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Still looking for places to see, got about 8 weeks left on my internship -- been to the farmers market, went kayaking, watched a red sox game at fenway, walked a shit ton and found cool places like newbury st Anyone live over here? [Image] would be nice

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looking to buy my first longboard.. 5'6 130lbs sz 9 foot; looking to use as a commuter on mostly flat ground (but when I'm back @ school it'll be a bit more hilly) this seemed like a good option: http://www.edgeboardshop.com/modules/store/Jati-Boards-br-Kato-33_P268592.cfm but I'm not sure what types of wheels/trucks/bearings etc. I should get any suggestions?

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[Quote]What places you recommend? I'm staying here in Cambridge but I have a Charlie Card

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[Quote]Starbucks was my 4th job (1st was at the movie theatres, 2nd bookstore warehouse, 3rd italian cafe) I worked at a Union Square location in SF so it was always busy as fuck with all the tourists. It really does get easier as you go. We had a bunch of posters to reference if we ever forgot anything (# of shots for this, # of pumps for that, etc.) I was "Starbucks Certified" in about a week but I still made a shit ton of noob mistakes but I always learned from them so just keep your head up. Ask questions if you have them; your coworkers have been in your position before. My first job at the movie theatres was pretty dope. I started my junior year of hs and a few friends from my school worked there too. I started out in the food (concessions) part and it sucked, but eventually I got moved to the box office / customer service where it was super chill barely had to work at all.

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this show is too good -- I ended up getting the eBooks and have been reading em for about 30 mins before I knock out; so much more detail (as expected) but still only at the part where Brandon falls off the tower lol

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[Quote]Is Little Finger trying to bring her back to her family to win some points with the mom? / Why does the queen to be want to avoid this again? Something the fat no-balls guy said. This last convinced me to download all the books but it'll prolly take me a while to get through them all For some odd reason I felt like I knew that was gonna happen to Theon; like they were just fucking with him as part of his torture -- but I guess it was just that guy trying to win some points with whoever is keeping him captive. Khaleesi <3<3

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[Image] still thinking about whether or not to pull the trigger

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gets funnier as you scroll down

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