Following items I am looking for must be ds/vnds and in the states Xl diamond supply la woman black/white target range shirt Xl Marilyn Monroe diamond supply shirt Supreme crusaders jacket black/navy xl Wtaps vans navy authentic 10-10.5 Any supreme miles Davis tees xl James brown man's world supreme tee xl Down for trades, will not on any circumstances send first and PayPal only transactions, will provide a list of sneakers for the low/ trade for these items. Pm please

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Why is it that u tell someone to be ready at a certain time and u get to there house they have a flaky story to tell u about not being ready. That's why I do shit .

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I am truly sorry for my comments over the past night, it's obvious that I am the one with the problem and for that I am sorry for pussy niggas bleeding in their under wear because they are scared to take their moms' tit out of there mouths and venture out in this cold but beautiful world.#Bitchniggaslivingathomeandparttimebums

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Man I feel like a lame for not knowing who tech nine, Kendrick Lamar are, plus slaughterhouse is fucking bananas they killed the bet awards

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Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee [URL] get dumb

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looking for an xl diamond eyes tee either ds or vvvvvvvvvvvnds, not worn more the once, pm if this fits my criteria

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just copped this little joint last night, hd video, blur effect on video=dope sauce, just needed something smaller for trips, didnt want to carry around my t2i all the time, give it a 9/10, a little noisey at night but overal a good camera to begin with if u dont want to jump directly to a slr, good mediumsmokeyface

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Japanese people and asians always fucking shit up [URL]!

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i know alot of people are on this nudie,true religion,apc, insert streetwear brand jeans but i just can't see spending 120 bones on a pair of jeans i rather get kicks, i love levi's good quality and reasonbly priced and gap jeans are actually getting better, my limit is 50 for denim what's the most u have spent on a pair of jeans

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i am really looking forward for these albums -the clipse until the casket drops -kid cudi -jay-z -lupe and kanye are suposed to have albums before christmas

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