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Much love to that TI cover. I love how they added their own rock version to it towards the end. Not just a good cover but a good song imo Here are mine: [B]Deftones covering Sade's No Ordinary Love[/B] [URL]

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1) Disintegration - The Cure 2) The Fame Monster - Lady Gaga 3) Diamond Life- Sade 4) Reasonable Doubt - Jay Z 5) Confessions - Usher 6) How I Do - Res 7) The Minstrel Show - Little Brother 8 ) Only Built for Cuban Linx - Raekwon/Wu-Tang 9) The Miseducation of Lauren Hill 10) Return to Cookie Mountain - TV On the Radio 11) Stillmatic - Nas 12) Dear Science - TV On the Radio 13) Carnavas - Silversun Pickups 14) In Rainbows - Radiohead 15) Script of the Bridge - The Chameleons 16) The Black Album - Jay Z 17) Turn On the Bright Lights - Interpol 18 ) Thriller - Michael Jackson 19) It Was Written - Nas 20) Aquemini - Outkast 21) From Here We Go Sublime - The Field 22) One In a Million - Aaliyah 23) Real Life - Joan as Policewoman 24) Hell On Earth - Mobb Deep 25) Atonement - Shai Linne

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Selling Two Pairs of Nike size 12 Jordan Metallic Silver Nike Dunk Unlucky Links Below [URL]

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Oh yeah? So is a spell checker. Back to the subject at hand.

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This dude keeps poppin up in every other streetwear blog that I come across. I just want to know why. What does he do that keeps him in the public eye so much?

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[Quote] [I]wabi sabi?[/I] really skid? You're a fool. ...awaiting his semi-coherent rant

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[Quote] Whatever.

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Hmmm, five days and no reply. I guess no one's "feelin" you.

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Karl Lagerfeld, the highly regarded fashion desinger, lost almost 100 pounds in order to fit into a pair of Hedi Slimane pants. [URL]

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I dare you to analyze [I]Might Healthy![/I]

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I'm sure Weezy is worth at least a mil, and that's one the low end. He might not have $1M in the bank, but his net worth is upwards of 1 followed by 6 zeroes. He gets $75k per guest appearance. He's put out three+ albums that sold well. Mixtape money is coming in steady. Plus anytime one of his songs is played in a club, he's supposed to get a check. Concert money probably makes up the bulk of his income. So...one million dollars is not out of the question for him. As for T.I. putting up his house for collateral. That doesn't mean that his not filthy rich. Financially speaking, it could be beneficial to put up your house instead of cash. When you give cash as bail money, you lose that money. Period. By putting up his house, he's still able to see appreciation. If he took out a standard mortgage and put 20% down. A 5% home value increase will give him a 25% increase in his pocket due to leverage.

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why don't you go first then...

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Yall are making it hard for me to hold out until the actual album comes out. If I pm one of yall asking for the link, don't give it to me.

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