I have a Honda (yes a 4 banger) and I feel like if I have ANY decent (mainly exterior) mods that aren't OEM on it or don't have a VTEC engine, someone will call rice on it. I'm not all about caring what others think but I don't want my car fucked with because I have some mods to make it look a little better. I'm not going to put "JDM" stickers or think I'm JDM as fuck or anything, just don't like the completely stock look. Anyways, what's YOUR definition of a ricer?

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I'm looking to cop gray beaters, whats some recommendations or your faves? smokeyface

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It's that time of year again, anyone know any good windbreakers or rain jackets for kinda cheap? I'd f with north face but it's just way too expensive smh.

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As of right now, I have keys and a bullet keychain or a small LED flashlight. What do you guys have on yours? smokeyface

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I bought a new crooks and castles beanie on the online store and it turned out to be huge when i received it. Just wondering if washing it and drying it is the only option for it to shrink. How much will it shrink? The beanie has a little white puff ball at the top will that be ruined? ?)

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Does anyone know if they still have those plain jackets that zip all the way up to about the jacket strings? I haven't been there for so long. This: img826.imageshack(dot)us/img826/4578/3588700182c5ed647b8c.jpg

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