those are passed ILL!

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Rakim should be Numero Uno. MTV is looking at the right people but messed up yet again with putting them in order. Where's big pun?

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Looks like they tried hard to get props for the list but messed up. I rather put Rakims 18th letter in the top 5 then paid in full. Where's wu tang? wheres krs? and many others

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anyone know how limited and what stores will have them? props to sneakgeekz for the video.

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The hype is gonna kill the appreciation of the sneaker....dam.

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[Quote] What I mean is Knowledge of self, facts of life, and things of that nature. When you look at religion the origins come from the same place. Religion keeps people in a box in my eyes.

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Snippets from my mixtape Madvillian - Madvilliany De La Soul is dead smokeyface

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God Bless him...good to see him back on his job.

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Christianity is based on Egyptian spiritually beliefs. I have no problem with religions but religions brings people away from the facts. Love & Unity is the key but religions spark up debates.

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