Just bought a 16x20" MAXX Heat Press, [URL] Got it from a coworker for 350 bucks. To get my stuff made I usually go to a local print-shop with my blank shirts, and pay for their service which is usually silkscreen, and it's costly as a motherfucker. What are your thoughts on heat transfer prints, if done right?

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I actually have no clue and I'm super curious. [Image]

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I really only game these days competitively, MW3, League of Legends, FIFA Street here and there. I played Halo 2 and 3, and Smash Bros Melee in actual MLG and other league tournaments in Toronto and Montreal. As far as competing, I'm waiting on DotA 2, and Diablo 3. Anyone relate to MLG style gameplay? Here's a dope vid of the best Halo 3 team that I met playing in Toronto in 2009: [Embed content]

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So far, we're a graphic tee brand (like how most street-wear brands start), carefully working on branching out to tailoring. Let's not judge on the fact that there hasn't even been a full year of work put in yet. Positive tips are more than welcome. Website: http://thenumberviii.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/thenumberviii Facebook: http://facebook.com/eightapparel [Quote]

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I used search; didn't see a topic. Who wears them? I can't stand wearing anything other than them on rainy/snowy days. All of my pants are slim, not skinny, so the boots look great worn with the tops loose and pants tucked into them. I'm also a huge camo fan, which just so happens to go well with combats.

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I need a custom jewelry website or location in Toronto. Looking For: Well-made bracelets and/or necklaces with all black beads, no more, no less. Necklace count should be no more than 36 beads (small beads) or 24 beads (large beads) Bracelet to fit a thin adult male's wrist. Specifically specific, innit?

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Does anyone know which brand makes the blank snap-backs that Black Scale used to stitch FUNERAL, SILENCE, and BELIEVE on? Or any other brand that makes blank snap-backs with the vintage look to them. That round bill is cheesy doe...

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