[Image] Adidas Busenitz in any colour are good for any street-sport like ball or soccer, or just runnin' around havin' fun, and they're also my favourite skate shoe.

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As far as professional footage, I never really got close enough to be filmed. I was good enough to compete, and last through some dope matches, but not good enough that my team was highlighted for MLG videos. I might have some independent FRAPS of my old Counterstrike matches, Jedi Academy TDMs, and Lineage II PVP. But no console footage at all. I'm hosting a Halo 2 or Halo 3, and Melee party for all of my gamer friends sometime soon. The cool part is we're all gamers but we also play sports and have social lives. I never really spent a LOT of time gaming, I only played games to compete and wouldn't play if I couldn't get good at it in a short amount of time.

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Bump... Need opinions so I can either release a new summer set with heat prints, or continue to go to the homies at the printship downtown.

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Saw a guido at this place in the city called Hess Village (club strip) and he was wearing a Diamond snapback. Thought it was super lame, but I didn't cry.

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Just bought a 16x20" MAXX Heat Press, Check it. Got it from a coworker for 350 bucks. To get my stuff made I usually go to a local print-shop with my blank shirts, and pay for their service which is usually silkscreen, and it's costly as a motherfucker. What are your thoughts on heat transfer prints, if done right?

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Dye your hair like him too plz.

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inkjet to heat press? Also, I didn't know you could silkscreen multicoloured photos.

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I actually have no clue and I'm super curious. [Image]

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Not a lot of dudes actually wear "skinny jeans," instead, just form fitting jeans, or slim fit. I bought both of these for the coming fall: [Image]

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I play MW3, Black-Ops, Skate 3 and FIFA Street. PSN: Xiouu

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I really only game these days competitively, MW3, League of Legends, FIFA Street here and there. I played Halo 2 and 3, and Smash Bros Melee in actual MLG and other league tournaments in Toronto and Montreal. As far as competing, I'm waiting on DotA 2, and Diablo 3. Anyone relate to MLG style gameplay? Here's a dope vid of the best Halo 3 team that I met playing in Toronto in 2009: [Embed content]

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Looks way cooler than Brawl. I actually played Melee in tournaments downtown at a few gaming cafes, where the game became extremely skill based. Brawl couldn't touch Melee's tournament based gameplay, neither will this.

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Still want one of these, retro style snapbacks are the only hats that look alright on my head. [Image]

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[Quote] Original user name is so original dude.

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I work at H&M in Hamilton, and I'm gonna have to say choose wisely. If you pay 17.95 for a button-up, it's clearly not gonna be as nice as the 34.95 ones.

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