[Quote] It's just an overall wack, generic fit. It looks like you went to Hot Topic and swagger jacked Daria's friend or a Twilight vampire. You're too far into adulthood to play the angsty teen role. With all this internet attention you're clocking at the moment, you should be in a colorful ass mood anyway. Keep it up and you could be the next Welven or whoever else is hot right now. Brighten that shit up and stop frowning at the camera. This isn't a gangster rap video.

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[Quote] In order to save time, I'll cover the bases: Trap house Music studio Grocery store Food service (Ironically) back in a school (cleaning it) Jail Prison Detention center Searching for baby's daddy Evading baby's momma Beating all odds and making something of themselves Smoking weed, playing video games, and listening to loud music while their mom is away at work

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Please, let's just leave the gaudy man jewelry in the past. Along with the 4X jerseys, tees, and sweatbands. Let it die. Thank you.

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[Quote]when keeping it real goes wrong

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College degree these days is so common (relatively) that a masters would set you apart. In education a masters will greatly increase your earning potential (hell, in general a masters increases earning potential). I know that you're tired of college but it's not like it's that great in the real world either. It's worse because unlike class, you must report to work each day. I wish I could be an undergrad again. stop tripping about the present and make the best decision for yourself longterm. they start sending those loan bills 6 months after graduation anyway so you might as well have a bigger check when they send it. you'd have to get a masters eventually anyway.

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tl;dr frenzy save that shit for Tom Ashbrook

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[Quote]Who is "this nigga"?

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Gin + cran (ras) + lime cognac/brandy  + cran (ras) + lime add blue curacao for purple  drink

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Mad they can't afford one

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[Quote]Wilson is that you? I want you in my office first thing tomorrow morning.

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Mercedes CL 600, or a 63 or 65 AMG variant.

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[Quote] ACT is more important than GPA since it's standardized. Every school district, school, and teacher will have different standards so a GPA isn't always very telling. A low GPA and high ACT could indicate talent with a lack of motivation/laziness or high academic standards at a school.. A high GPA and low ACT just indicates easy classes.

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[Quote]A 2.3 and a 17 is the opposite of your story. Typically a GPA that low in high school is indicative of some other issue. OP either traps, does illicit drugs, has to deal with external issues at home, or just doesn't give a fuck. You don't just get a 2.3.

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22 degree halo caused by light passing through tropospheric ice.

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Women at home have even more opportunity to cheat. At home all day and bored. Back in the day it was the milk man, the mail man, the door to door salesman, the pool boy, the landscaper. Only difference now is there's no milk man.

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