[Quote] while we're on this, are the lucifer spin off books worth reading? those seem like they would be ill, i cant really see how u could fuck up the fallen angel quitting heaven and now hell too, but i need someone to cosign and assure me 1st b4 i cop smh

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[Quote] you can already do this, but it just depends on the game the ones i know for sure u can do it on are wipeout HD, Killzone 2 (but only online), pixel junk monsters, and couple other ones that i had that i cant remember right now 4 wateva reason anyway, back on topic, idgaf about netflix, if u pay to watch movies on your ps3 you're a fuckin moron, stagevu.com lets u dload most movies u can think of, most times dvd quality, i used to have a long list of links and forums that worked off the ps3 browser to either stream or dload, now da only one i remember is stagevu since greatcatchvids and brightsidevideos got shut down smh

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What u mean? like lyrically? niggga just shut up. smh

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The colossus of clout!!!

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lol both those threads belong to me, they dissappear because i keep gettin banned by a mod who shall rename nameless lol its about time someone with more stability made this thread im reading the sin city graphic novels now, them shits dopeeeeeeeee, especially the ones not used by the movie, its worth a read also picked up thunderbolts vol 1, deadpool thunderbolts dark reign, and punisher 7 the last 2 i already read, decent read, soon as i finish with those amma step my manga game up

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[Quote] pffffffffft SIKEEEE! YOU ESS AY NIKKAS!

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[Quote] dont even joke like that bro....

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seeing this shit makes me wish i was canadian smh

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It was Saturday night and I'm feelin kinda sporty, went to a bar and caught me a 40. Got kinda a high and a...kinda drunk, so I kicked the ass of this little punk.

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ask if for 5 dollars more, she'll let you go raw smokeyface

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[Quote] This??? niggga wtf does that even mean? do you even read what u cosign??? blinkyeyes seriously wtf man???

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punch the first jew u see walking through them doors son!

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everything that glitters aint gold, and every gold record dont glitter thats for damn sure smh

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truth be told i was not feelin that 2nd track, but the 1st one was cool, they had a couple of lines here and there, that commission one caught me of guard lol, it was a lil slick i wont lie, but as far as that go, like thats pretty much it right there, they not wack but they not nuttin to really check for honestly, they pretty vanilla in all categories b, no hate tho, but theres a lil room for improvement, forget looks and marketablity and wateva else extra the dude above me was talkin about, that really only matter once u put on, as far as just the music, i cant see them really gettin further than local mixtape status, with improvement tho, they'd still be mixtape *****s, but just slightly better known mixtape nigggas, its a different era, and nigggas is not really checkin for that ny sound unfortunately, like son said already, they not sayin nuttin new or at the very least, sayin suttin we already heard but in a new and refreshing way, good luck to them tho

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yea and get the feds knocking at my door? no thanks billy

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