all deleted... whys?

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On some of the large threads (Coupon Code, Pick-ups, etc.), the threads are completely broken. For example, in the parent forum, when you click the thread link, you are not brought to the most recent/last page. Inside the thread, when you click on "Last," it also does not bring you to the true last page. You have to manually modify the "topic_page" variable in the URL to navigate properly. This also results in people not being able to see their post/reply after they click submit. When they don't see that their post has gone through, they repost and repost again, often resulting in triple and quadruple posts. Been like this for weeks now...

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Appreciate the feedback. smokeyface

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[Image] smokeyface

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Bring it back. Let me snitch on these retard spammers. Especially this kid [URL] who attaches a mock sig in every damn post to circumvent the "no code" rule for sigs. plz

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