[CENTER][FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"][COLOR="Red"][SIZE="5"]Yo [B]VVVVVVVNDS JORDAN V 2000 RETRO[/B] Size 8.5 [B]$250 shipped[/B]. 4% is included. [U]No trades unless it's Supreme size Medium.[/U] Yes, I have the lacelocks. Mods: Before you delete this maybe just change the title of my old thread like I requested and this thread wouldn't be here to begin with.[/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT] [Image][/CENTER]

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[CENTER][FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"][SIZE="5"][COLOR="Indigo"][U]No Meetups, I don't live in Vancouver anymore.[/U] Paypal only. Prices include shipping and 4%. You can thank me later. [U]Not looking for any trades, unless it's Supreme.[/U] Prices are [I]pretty[/I] firm. Take that![/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"][SIZE="4"][COLOR="Indigo"]Supreme Side Script New Era. 7 1/4. Worn 5-6 times. 9.5/10. $45[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] [Image] [FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"][COLOR="Indigo"][SIZE="4"]Also check my FS thread in the sneakers section. Infrared Air Max 90's, both Premiums and non Premiums, Jordan V 2000 retro and soon Mars IV's. Easy![/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT] [SIZE="4"][COLOR="Cyan"][FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"][URL][/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE][/CENTER]

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[CENTER][COLOR="Red"][SIZE="5"][FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"]Air Max 90 Infrared 2008 Premium size 9. Non Premium size 8.5 DEADSTOCK Jordan V 2000 Retro 8.5 VVVVVNDS [B]JUST ADDED[/B] [/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR][/CENTER] [B][FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"][COLOR="Black"][SIZE="6"][CENTER]PM All offers! Will only trade for Supreme gear! Add $20 to your offer for shipping and Paypal fee. I love you![/CENTER][/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT][/B] [CENTER][Image][/CENTER] [COLOR="Red"][SIZE="6"][FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"][CENTER]Thanks for looking.[/CENTER][/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]

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Okay... So obviously I live in Vancouver. Well, Burnaby, by Gilmore Skytrain and it sucks. I've been here for a year, love it, but I hate where I live. I'm going back to Ontario for just a few short months and I'm coming back with like 3 buddies. Where the fuck should we live? I'm talking Vancouver and maybe Burnaby... The thing is, we're all from a small town...playboys get real comfy...I don't want them to be tempted to move home, so I want us to have mad fun. We're gonna need a 4 bedroom and we wanna pay like $600 each max, so about $2400 max. Give me some ideas and tell me why. I wanna be able to have transit close, and I want to be able to walk to a pub after work and get drunk. Thanks boys.

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Yo, If you need a job, holler. You probably know that I work at eBay, and we need people right now. Pay is good, pop is free, and it's a decent work environment for sure. I'll get a referral bonus, and I'll make sure I give you enough to copalop some sneaks. PM me if interested, you don't need experience really, just PAST work experience. Hyper

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Anybody ever get anything shipped across Canada using Fedex? Reason I'm asking...I just ordered some snowboard gear and was a complete imbocile by choosing Fedex ground over Express from purolator, just to save $20. I realize now that since it was shipped today. with Purolator I'd probably have it by Wednesday at the latest. The stuff is coming ground from Quebec, to BC...and they say 5 business days. Will I have my gear by Friday? Opinions and experiences please... I absolutely need this stuff by Monday at the latest...Ground from Quebec to BC....do I have a chance?

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Just post up some beats ya done created. It would be crazy to have a couple people drop 16's about beasting and throw it on one of the better beats we find in here. [URL] - this is way old but i always liked it. enjoy my beats....especially you funkdewbi.

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So... my friend is considering moving to Toronto and a couple of us were thinking...why not, see what it's like. I guess I'm wondering what generally it would cost for 4 people to live together IN toronto. no GTA. If you're in Toronto and older than 20, let me know what your situation is just to get an idea what we might be getting into...honestly it's appreciated because Craigslist can lie pretty hard sometimes. thanks

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Just to see what we got going on over here. Weird thread, just vote, I'm curious.

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So how many hypebeasters are going to Kanye and Luda at GM Place tonight? Kicking myself for not buying the Absurd "Stoops" tee with Kanye on it when i had the chance.

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Thought it would be a good idea seeing how the United Front thread seems to be doing people a lot of favors.

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So... I want to take a piece of Vancouver with me when I leave in December. So I figured I'd go get some ink on the weekend, it's been a while and I miss the whole experience. Any recommendations? Downtown somewhere, and I'm not looking to make an appointment. The tattoo I'm thinking of should be pretty easy for the artist but, anything can be fucked up nowadays so I need at least a [B]good[/B] place. I won't give the tattoo away but, it will have a sneaker reference in the absolute least corny way possible. Pics on friday or saturday, hopefully.

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eBay. [Image]

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post your id up. hyperstriker

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