If you could smash one porn star, who would it be?? I don't know yet, it's a tough one.

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Is it foul to sell something someone gave to you? For example, let's say someone gave you, oh, say, a Bape tee a while ago and you gave it a good run, but you're tired of it. You know you won't donate it cuz you can flip it for dough, would you? Or is it foul to make money off of something someone gave to you on the lookout? Discuss.

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I broke my SideKick II in half today by accident, and I really need a new one. I rely on it daily for my emails, so this shit is important. I know alot of you's got the SK3's, so if you wanna sell your 2, I'll take it if the offer is reasonable and if it's not too effed up. Thanks.

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Come chill wit us and purchase some tees for a discount. You can hit me at [email]mail@invasionbrand.com[/email] Peace!

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Come chill wit us and purchase some tees for a discount. You can hit me at [email]mail@invasionbrand.com[/email] Peace!

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For my boy Johnny. Johnny Cupcakes Grand Opening THIS Saturday May 27th @ 1:00pm. 279 Newbury Street, Boston MA. First 100 customers get free gift bagspacked with exclusive gifts & suprises! Get there early! (and yes,there will also be actual cupcakes at the grand opening) His stores are dope, so go check it out! Peace.

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Sorry guys, I'm not sure if there's one around somewhere, but can we get a world shopping guide, not just a NY one?

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I'm sorry for ranting, and I know this is gonna get locked [sorry Kev and the guys], but PLEASE no more Misfits parody tees! Please, leave them alone. They have nothing to do with your "streetwear" scene. Shit, half you motherfuckers on here probably have no idea who they are, let alone heard anything by them. Just leave them alone, please. Thank you.

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Hey what's up people. I'll be in Toronto next weekend, and I was wondering if there are any spots I should hit up or look out for. Any info welcome. Thanks!

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Since I don't really pay attention to many other "streetwear" brands but my own, I have a question about Triumvir. All I've ever seen from them is that Stormtrooper head logo. Yo how are these guys NOT getting sued for that shit?? Anybody??

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Ok, anyone who knows me knows I may be an asshole, but I'm not conceited or feeling myself at all. Shit, I barely like to show anyone my work cuz I never know the reaction. So, for me to say someone is biting off of me it must have REALLY rubbed me the wrong way. So, it has been brought to my attention by a few people [after ME noticing it too] that my man Johnny Cupcakes did a little biting. Check it. I'm gonna show examples. Here's my hoodie. Now, I had my logo for a little over 2 years now, and I been doing shit on the hood for about 6 months now, and when I started, NO ONE was doing shit on the hoods. My logo [sorry about the huge pic] [Image] Biting? Resemblance? Or just me and the people who notified me being paranoid?? That's why I am posting to my good friends on HypeBeast, for honest opinion, and Lord know you people are honest! So, before I start pulling cards, lemme know what you guys think. I know Johnny, mad good dude, which is why this kinda surprises me. I don't even see it as a "threat" or anything, but c'mon, business is business. I'm trying to be diplomatic here. Thanks for your time, guys.

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So, are people still feeling full zip hoodies? Trying to get opinions....

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