[Quote] This. Dem lips. smokeyface

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Can't go wrong with this site: http://smouch.net/lol/ Shits on point. smokeyface [COLOR="white"]...lol[/COLOR]

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^^ Its cause of the camara quality probably, I'd say its red/black from my prospective aswell

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Dude you live in your dads balls, no one wonder your not happy...

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBaUYCEI2Zg sick.

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[Quote] co-sign, I just got 2 new packs. Need fresh socks for the new season, nah mean?

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I trade you for those MF Dooms, DS SZ 9November Rain' + some cash, pm and we can work out a deal

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Few weeks ago, I was waiting in the bus with some old maggot, and brings up what I'm listening too, I said I was listening to some Hip-hop, and bitch was just yappin about how people shouldnt listen to this type of music, and kept telling me what the difference between a ni**a and a ni**er means...

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It might not be wierd in a way, but fuck, I fucking hate when people sit beside you in the bus when there are plenty of fucking seats everywhere. Like today I was getting my check from where I work at, and I get on the bus, 3 ppl were in there sitting, I go in the middlish section of the bus, and no one's in the back, 2 oldys were in the front, and the fucking bus stops, fat maggot comes in and sits beside me agh pisses me off!!! bitch was eating a nasty sandwich too!!

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Dang I remember being in that position, except I didnt beat up a girl...

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[Quote] co-sign, fuckin' idiot

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2 bitch that normally pissed at me for no reason are completely being nice to me. Fuck, bitch's be wierd!

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http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com/ smokeyface

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