Does anyone here actually know what "ashy" means? His knuckles aren't ashy, they're just really black, which has nothing to do with ashy-ness at all.

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I know that there's already plenty, but I want to make one that actually involves its members, as opposed to most that purely give the news. I dunno I'm just brainstorming at this point, but what type of stuff would you guys like to see in a sneaker website that isn't already out there, if anything? place to buy/trade? giveaways/contests? should i just leave it alone? I'm open to all suggestions, I just want to know what you guys think is missing from the community.

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[Quote] I fully agree with you, Killah Priest deserves alot more acclaim than he gets. Black August/Priesthood are godly. I love his stuff with Black Market Militia too.

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[Quote] it has NEVER occurred to me to use Jordan lacelocks on my dunk hi's.......i think im gonna try that tommorrow

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All fitteds, I'm severely lacking in that dept.

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HUF x Stussy 5 year anniversary tee (the grey one in XL, sorry i dont have tagged pics). My ebay name is hondazoom as well, and I have 100% positive feedback. I would gladly do a private ebay auction if anyone is not comfortable sending their payment directly to me. I take paypal only, and I only ship within the US. It cost me 33 bucks, all im asking for is 50 BIN(or less if you don't mind slower shpping). [Image] please get at me! i need to buy books for school!

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[Quote] TILDES MAN. Tilde is the best key there is to convey sarcasm.~ see? or was i be sarcastic?

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i used to skate a birdhouse, but now i have that Alien Workshop x Rogue Status collab deck. w/ grind kings, aws wheels, and reds

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a leftover hot dog from my work (the movies)

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SlamxHype actually made good on their promises and gave out codes to those who subscribed to their newsletter (naturally I gave them 2 email addresses). I have yet to decide if i really want to spend 275$ on an AF1 though. If anyone wants a password, i'd gladly give it up for like 15$ or something, they expire at the end of june and i just dont want them to go to waste... Or do you guys think i should use em?

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[Quote] why did you dig up this ANCIENT thread? (can someone please close it)

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im size 13 too and size 12 will be fine, just dont use the shoes for anything athletic (because your toes will die).

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im a baydestrian, and i wouldn't change it

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[Quote] dont go to either of those websites (except ebay) PLEASE. I hope you posted those as some kinda joke. If it was a joke, then im sry i ruined it....smh

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