Not likely. They are going to be dope, but if they are better in ten months than the Spurs, Suns, Dallas, or even the Jazz, Nuggets, and the Rockets, I'll be really surprised. '10 though, that's their year.

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Because it's like a virgin girl. Use it once, then throw em away. Got to keep it pure.

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Which winners if you don't mind? $80 Slim Jims is worth the drive from Hamilton.

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I'm going this summer, and wondering what I should bring for footwear.

Started by Do people wear sneakers in places like Thailand, Vietnam, etc. when it's very humid?, 2 Weeks ago in Asia

Don't forget the fanny pack and visor!

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I need some canvas shoes for my two months in Asia. Leather is too sweaty.

Started by Stores that carry Vans in Toronto?, 2 Weeks ago in Canada

What stores in this city carry vans other than Goodfoot, Adrift, and Livestock?

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[Quote] hahaha.

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You shouldn't worry about it, especially if you don't dress like a thug. Be very polite to cops as was mentioned above, and they'll let you go 9 times out of ten. Just hope you don't encounter one when he is having a bad day.

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Where do you go to get drunk? For cheap drinking I go to 751 during the week, the Labrynth, and Sneaky Dee's (also for the eatting) For dancing I go to various Drug Money events, went to the Ain't No Joke, also those Never Forgive Action-type nights. For clubbing, well, it doesn't really matter. Wherever has cheap bottle service (I don't club very much).

Started by Your favourite nightlife spots in Toronto, 2 Weeks ago in Canada

If I had the money...

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From my experience, it's worth checking out the Eaton Center footlocker as it sees different releases than the States. But to be honest Jordans are more expensive in Canada anyway so I don't know if it will be really worth it for you. Luckily all the stores you should go to are close together.

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Any advice on the best time to come to avoid lines? I am really not the type to wait for an hour outside for sneakers, as much as I love them. Do lines tend to disperse or get worse later in the day?

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This shit is hilarious. I think this is the wackest side of sneaker culture, the constant taking of sides and melodrama. It's seriously bitch play. You kids should grow up and realize there is more to life than sneakers and that having options of where you choose to buy your gear is actually a very good thing.

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Nothing- people are as ignorant as ever.

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