hey everyone with winter coming up ive been trying to find a nice denim jacket that is lines with something like cotton, such as in the picture below. if anyone can post some cool cotton lined denim jackets it would be appreciated [Image]

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hey guys ive been looking for some more summer looking stuff since i spend alot of time at the beach and i was wondering if anyone has come across some cool beach type brands like Warriors of Radness. if you have any suggestions a reply would be appreciated

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hey guys just ordered this watch http://www.mrjoneswatches.com/last-laugh-tattoo-edition/ wondering what would be a good tee or top to match with so post some images

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just started up the company a while ago and just got the first part of my lines shirts in. so of course i wanna know what you hypebeasts think, so lemme know. id sell for 20$ each if your interested in purchasing one send me a message or check me out on facebook.com/TheHighCollective [Image]

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Hi, The High Collective is a brand i recently started and wanna know everyones input. Im only 16 so don't expect anything too amazing just yet, but i will be getting better and better. So let me know what you think of the designs. Id sell for 20$ each. this is the first part of the release i will be doing [Image]

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Here are a couple designs from my line that will be coming out soon, i have more designs on my facebook page but let me know what you guys think of these for 20-25 with a sticker? [Image] Let me know if you like the designs or hate em. im only 16 but i hope to become something as i learn more and get better with it. so let me know hypebeasts would you buy it? Facebook.com/TheHighCollective

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why are all brands these days advertising trying to be a bad ass and steal and be a rule breaker and a "villain" or "miscreant" or "crook" or "troublemaker"?? its all getting so old sorry crooks.. and many other brands out there, its not that cool in my opinion

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im thinking about starting up a little clothing line in my spare time and i was hoping all yall would give your opinions or comments about what you think of it. its called The High Collective and the quality of the shirts are good cotton (doesnt shrink too much), screen printed designs, custom woven tags, and a free sticker per shirt here are a couple designs below tell me what you think, would you pay about 15-20$ for shirts with these designs on em? [Image]

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hey im thinking abot starting up a little clothing company around my city and school ect.. anyways was wondering for your input, what you think? would you rock a shirt with this on it? this is just the first of many designs id sell them for about 15-20$ also have a sticker included [Image]

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anyone know a good good and somewhat cheap printing company or website? looking to get my design on some shirts but im limited to certain rules like sizing on logos and placements of logos if anyone knows a place that has a little bit more freedom then websites like custom ink let me know thank you

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list your top brands of the 2010 year ill start it out with brands such as award tour, cashletes, 10 deep, crooks, anmlhse... list your favorites of the seasons

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anyone know some sites to create custom clothing? not t shirts but more fresh stuff like cardigans, letterman jackets, varsity sweaters, ect.. if anyone can send some links or info please let me know thank you for any help

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