Does costco still have packs of grey and black available.

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[Quote] I get the exact same but i'm a skier not a snowboarder, just with noobs in general both snowboard and skier cutting in on your line, it's funny to watch them just fall of the end of the jump cos they don't have enough speed though. and [b]Zach[/b] I just love arguing with them stuck up bitch skiers, just to hear some ponsy ass dude trying to act the tough guy and ruler of the slope. As soon as your wearing big pants and jacket you are a hoodlem, just like hoodies.

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Skiing > Snowboarding I learnt when I was tiny wee so I didn't give a shit so, snowboarding is cool too man but I prefer to ski it feels more comfortable for me. I don't understand this skiers hate snowboarders and visa versa business either.

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It would be a lie if I said I didn't wear it on my head smokeyface

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[Quote] GFT!! I'm not gonna lie, i know i do if that shit doesn't leave.

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uniqlo is good for this kind of thing, would go there before american apparel for knitwear, aa is more a sweater place imo. also ust pop into your local h and m if your looking for plain ones. I have a fred perry one a couple of RL ones and a J Lindeburg one but you mentioned not too expensive and unless you live near an outlet then they will be way ou of your budget range (not too say you can't afford them but as far as your post goes) Peace

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1 Picture 1 Cough [Image]

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[Quote] smokeyface

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As far as random photos go you will want to check the copyrights surounding them so as to avoid being involved in any legal disputes. Depends on your design/logos, if you are serious you could buy a screen printer and make your own screens they aren't that hard. Digital printing you would have to find out about that somewhere else. If you got digital copies of designs throw em up and get some opinions. I one thought about it but couldn't be arsed with all the hastle. You will also need to consider a brand of t-shirts to use when starting.

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lol at the comment above the one above me, but if for some strange reason the brand is not the large "ORVIS" looking one insede the jacket you could always try messaging the blogger...

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[Quote] Yep I belive so, this country is so fucked up all everyone wants to do is have kids at stupid ages. Kids trying to be too old.

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f*ck that shit, and I just finished doing maths at college (UK)/high school(US)

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Common is so underated

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I bought that exact model s-001 and sent it back after recieving it, was really dissapionted.

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pre-distressed denim??? anyone recomend some good ones beside lvc saddlemans?

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