it's more about putting in work than creativity. You can just draw still life, but if you're not doing's not just going to come to you one day. You have to keep doing it over and over again. Eventually you'll even get your own style.

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[Quote]I know this is old but those are in fact BDU pants you can get at the surplus  store, those little green ties at the bottom are so you can bunch it up. I had the same ones when i was in the military. The wear over the buttons on the pockets are from ironing so much, which we always had to keep a pressed uniform. I hope this helps! BTW they look pretty bad...this angle may make them look okay but in real life they're pretty horrible.

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haha sorry chads poor grammar, i mean some things you don't have to have a membership like I think prescriptions you can fill there without one. I just need to break down and get a membership I think, it just sucks when I walk out spending 200 bucks on paper towels and dog food along with a handful of other things I don't need. haha

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Do you have to have a membership at Costco? I know some things you don't is why I'm asking.

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Depends on your size and foot size. I personally wouldn't get a supreme board, who even makes them? I've never hear of lighting trucks but I've heard of thunder ;) I don't like them but you can't go wrong with indys. I wouldn't go out and get them most expensive thing ever because if you don't like it then it's money wasted.

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I use a place that does them for me since I don't have a scanner but this time something's up, must have been something not done right to mine.  I'd like to know as well!

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crap scanner, sorry about the lines [Image]

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Anyone tried welcome boards, if so how'd you like them?

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[Quote]I agree with this. I also think that the same goes for old greek and roman art. You can look at their culture to know that, same with ours. Sex sells he knows it and he's such a monger it works well for him. He gives me a very creeper vibe.  For me, I wouldn't do anything or design anything that would be seen in public that I wouldn't want my son or grandmother to see. That's just my opinion. There's a cross between tasteful and just showing your sexual aggression which is what I get from his work.

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sony rx100 II

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Well for my photography I did one shoot and a guy was there who was looking for a food photog too so that worked out. My wife knows a lot of people so I've gotten connections there. Design wise I have a website and biz cards. I'm doing guerrilla marketing with stickers and shit. I've never been out of work so far so it seems to be working. Also connections through just having a lot of design friends in school. Just being a nice person and being able to present yourself and your work is also another reason I've gotten a handful of jobs. You'll be surprised on how much it matters to be able to speak confidently about your work. As far as free work. I agree and disagree with people in here. I would disagree to not ever doing it. Design firms do it all the time. It's called pro bono. Usually it's for a church, charity, education, etc. I've done charities before for free or really cheap. It's good for the soul. (well it's also tax deductible too) However, don't do it for friends just because you feel bad for charging. They will undervalue you and run over you time and time again and won't appreciate the end result. There's something about paying for design/photos that make you look at it and value it differently. It's a mind trick that you have to play with them unfortunately.

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A poster I designed for a senior show. It was printed with fluorescent inks [Image]

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I'd say do more research you have a target market but look into other demographics like money for starters. How much does the target market make, relate that to how much to charge for pieces. Also, do surveys, interview other brands and stores to see what sells , look at competition and make yourself stand out from that. Also, investigate colors, what do people wear the most in shirts hats etc. like someone else said start simple and worry more about brand awareness than making too many designs get a few solid pieces and test it from there.  I'm in the business of making businesses succeed so I have a little experience in these things.

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So why ride loose then? Just tighten them up. If you want to cruise then loosen them. I skated loose forever and just started tightening them up and feel I have much better control.

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from Go Skate Day today [Image]

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