Anyone have any tips on what to do with a shirt that is wrinkled but can't be ironed? It's a short sleeve button up shirt not a dress shirt, the instructions say DO NOT IRON! No dryer btw Material is 100% cotton

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I'm looking for some shades SIMILAR to these Mosley Tribes with a darker tint aswell, nothin to flashy... Lookin for somethin with a SQUARE SHAPE like these no round ones! [Image]

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So since the cars are made and tuned to be driven with the rear spoilers, I get the aerodynamics would change if you were to remove the spoiler but would it be necessary to make any other adjustments to the car after removing it? Not planning to track, and im referring to 05+ Evo's and STi's if that makes a difference.

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I know this probably sounds retarded but since you only get to change the username once I'd like to know the difference between the 2 before I fuck up my one chance, thanks!

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Opinions on whether to get a 2005+ (+ meaning or newer) Honda S2000 or 2005 Subaru Impreza STi. Not looking to compare the specs (one is a 2 seater, one is AWD, turbo, HP, etc.) just lookin for some opinions, thanks! =)

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