I am a web & print designer, and I am looking to join one of these networks to post my work and get feedback so that I may learn and grow. If one of you invite me, this is what one of my shots would look like. [Image]

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Kasa De Kriz Flickr

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I don't know why anyone hasn't commented on this, but, good work. Very nicely done.

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Very well done. I love the two top tabs, and I'd agree that the older/newer buttons are well placed. Nice photos and good writing. In my opinion the tabs should have a margin-top:0px; But thats just my opinion, the site is nice as is.

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I actually just bought a 35mm f1.8 for me d7000 and it works very well. http://www.amazon.com/Nikon-35mm-AF-S-Digital-Cameras/dp/B001S2PPT0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1317508666&sr=8-1

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I would go with Nikon. With Canon you get the most bang for you buck, but thAT is not necessarily a good thing. You get what you pay for. Nikon lenses are much better quality then Canon. People complain about the price, but it's priced like that for a reason, they're that good. So in my opinion, I'd say save your money and buy Nikon.

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Very cool, I like the dedication...

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[Quote] Thank you

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I am looking into buying a new lens, I only have the standard one that come on a D40. Any recommendations? Also, what is the difference between a lens that is 35mm and on that is 55-18mm? Thanks in advance

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You are great at what you do, I really like your work

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... doing what our mothers told us not to [Image]

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[Quote] Do you recommend a certain printer...

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