I'm planning on copping some Grim Tims, I wore a 36-34 in Levi's 511 and thought the fit was awesome. My actual waist size is about a 34. Should I go tts on the Grim Tims or size down 1 for a similar fit to the 511's? Thanks.

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Worked at McDonald's for a few months, it wasn't too bad. The 50% of was raw haha. Best job is prolly my current one. Just slangggin' TV's/computers at Futureshop. Easy as fuck, good commission.

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[Quote] Is there an icon pack for these? Or did you just make em' yourself?

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[Image] Got the Mishka Sniper Bomber, Incase for MBP, HEX laptop bag and Desert Boots.

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Get some Bowers & WIlkens... I got these.. The C5's. http://www.bowers-wilkins.com/Headphones/Headphones/C5/overview.html Sound real dope.

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The most I've worked in a week was like 75 or so in the summer. Saving up for school/car so that summer I worked around 60 a week.

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Movie was dopeee, 1st>2nd>3rd but all are funny as fuck.

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Forget about that chick, she ain't even cute. Fucking dudes in the 7th grade and sucking dudes on campus is not a chick you date haha.

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I find it pretty dumb. Especially when you're in your teens/early 20's. Understandable when you find a chick you wanna wife and you're growing up starting a family. I've actually had a few relationships fail cause I didn't want to hang with the broad everyday. A few times a week is good enough.

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[Quote] .

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Bump blushing. http://www.last.fm/user/HeartAnemic

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First episode was pretty dope imo. Snake scene was cool.

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[Quote] Pretty sure Drake grew up in one of Toronto's richest neighbourhood's lol...

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I get about 4-5 hours a night. Too busy with school and work. Any free time I don't wanna just sleep would rather just kick it with friends.

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Finance or Accounting. Still trying to decide..

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