Just finished my first short for a school project - because of time constraints I was limited to a ~2-3 minute film, otherwise I would've liked to revel more information with more character development. I also had some trouble with lighting that I hope to fix moving forward. Let me know whatcya think if you have some time. Cheers

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November 5th People Like Us: [Image]

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Hows it going HB? Last year we released a folk acoustic EP that you guys gave a lot of support too. This year we are back but we took a full 180 on the sound - synthesis of electronic and organic sounds. This is the first song and visual off the upcoming record coming this september, let us know what you think! [Embed content] Cheers

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We hope you all like what we've put together for you, share it with a friend! Carter Behnke's, Time To Go EP.... Cheers!

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Over the summer my friend Carter and I worked on this little 10-song project. He's a pretty talented guy and I can't wait to get a full band together for him to play with. He jams the guitar and sings, and on some tracks he plays the piano. I recorded and mixed the whole project, and my friend Pat Collier over at Dallas Austin studios has mastered it. We plan to release the EP in the upcoming week, for now I released one of the songs, "Lighthouse" for everyone to get a feel for it. Give it a listen and share it with your friends on twitter or facebook! [Embed content] What folk music are you into?

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Check out the visuals we just released for John River's new song! [Embed content]

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Hey HB, Check out our new video for the upcoming mixtape, The Calm, over at or down below. Comment, watch, and enjoy! [Embed content]

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..Is J.Cole dissin/referencing Drake @ 2:33? Especially with those toms, hennesy/xo.. [Embed content]

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The John River music video for "Everything I Am" will be dropping today at 6pm after an elongated wait. I will be posting the video here as soon as it drops if you chose to watch. John River is a 17 year old artist that hails from Toronto, ON that always manages to give account for the struggles he witnesses and overcomes day-to-day. The "Everything I Am" video and recent track "Be" is located below....Enjoy! [Embed content]

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nothing to do last nite so I dropped a quick beat and Sam did a little rapping over things ..find me on the simple production Inside [Image] The Sam Dickson Bandcamp

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I read on a House Of Balloons review and it said her name but I forgot it, I was wondering if anyone knew the girls name that is on all the album/single artwork?

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EDIT: Check out the most recent video Every Evening! The Highly Anticipated Debut Track From Toronto Artist John River. Over Jayz's Song Cry Instrumental. The Light. You can follow my friend on twitter @derrickhuie for up-to-date drops....more will be coming soon! Thanks.. [Embed content]

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buddy of mine polished this off and sent it to me last nite, kinda short should be a bit longer but its pretty cool

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THIS SHIT HOT FIYYYAAA!! hope on this best new rapper in the AREA reppin the OF crew heard hes got a new EP coming out soon....smokeyface lool♥♥♥♥♥-releases-his

Started by The next lil b, 2 Weeks ago in Music Sam Dickson and the man Jaystackz swaggin out on this upbeat track. smoke dank

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