Ferrari Boyz didn't live up to the hype? what??? every track on there is a banger.

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he's definitely not OVO but drake remixed his Tony Montana track. Dirty Sprite, True Story, and Streetz Calling is a hell of a trilogy for 2011. he gets better with each one too. PLUTO!

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checkin this shit out smokeyface

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[Quote] wouldn't really make a difference. Kendrick is MILES ahead of J. Cole. If Cole deserved all this praise, he would be getting it. but he's forever mediocre. Good for Kendrick though man, I can't imagine how he felt up there

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can't wait for LiveLoveA$AP. [URL]

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[URL] Fuck WWE this is my theme smokeyface

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@Bubbs, i noticed the Max inspiration in that song too. but honestly none of his music sounds like that. he barely gets away with trying to sing in Return of the Mack and I'm sure it's a nod to the wave. Plus that song is old and not even on Coke Boys 2, but the FREE MAX B MOVEMENT is strong as hell right now, so he probably dropped it for the Coke Wave fans. I've given CB2 one listen so far. It's not bad, but I can't help but keep looking forward to Cocaine Mafia with Three 6. I've been bumping Return of the Mack since the video dropped, and Shot Caller goes hard as well. Not a big fan of the Coke Boys tho

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nobody hates B.o.B because he dissed OF lmao. i hate him cuz he sucks balls when he has the talent to make good music. this track isn't bad tho, nothing special IMO

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[Quote] this and lol'd @ jaded

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rich hil is a much better representative of CT rap...jus sayin. and chris webby, mac miller, and sam adams are all fucking trash. i'm white and from the suburbs and i still cringe when i hear this guy say "burbs", smh. do you have to be part faggot to make it as a white rapper?

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[Quote] this is the funniest part to me. apparently in my area, there were rumors going around that she was going to either my old high school or the other ones around us. and i'm friends with her on facebook, and everyone had been asking her if she was really going to go to their school l0lz

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smh, seriously. worst song on the album too

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i wish i could make it smh word around town is young gat$by may be in attendance however...

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GOTDAMN i fuck with these heavy. Waffles we need you for the Gatsby & Slater EP. Imma email you

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