dudes were offering 400 to people as they were walking out of the spot i was at ahaha money was deffffff to be made today.

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[URL] Looks like Dre has successfully trolled the hiphop community for a strong 10 years ahahah

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the album he did with jake one last year was poppin

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Once i heard this i went to the store bought a 12 of budweiser threw on some creedance clearwater revival and threw in a fat pinch of grizzly mint... AMERICA

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whats yall opinion on this tat : (just the top "world is mine part") [Image]

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im a skoal man. mint, straight, spear is what i pack.. rooster mint when im broke

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at rock the bells 2 days ago royce said that there is no beef between wu tang and slaughterhouse and that joe and meth shook hands and squashed it

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Anyone know where i can find the raekwon shirt where it has a picture of the purple tape and under it, it says THE RETURN... in 2xl

Started by Raekwon Purple Tape tee, 2 Weeks ago in Fashion

[URL] Joell goes fuckin in anyone got a dl link?

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it sounds like 50 was trying a bit to hard to sound "hard" with that voice

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hhaha is dude wearin lip gloss?

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This album is something serious... best album i heard in a while Im Dope ***** is my shit

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it would be piff if he didnt use that huff ass delivery

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[Quote] thanks i looked them up and the are $890!! *****s is outta their bird if they pay that much for sunglasses

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