sorry if this has been posted. i just had to share this. [URL] the breakdown is priceless.

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[Quote] [URL] i can't explain how excited i am.

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[B]LINK:[/B] [URL] [B]LEAGUE ID NUMBER: 77732 PASSWORD: hypebeast DRAFT DATE: MONDAY, OCTOBER 15TH 9:00PM ET[/B] so there it is, hurry and sign up dudes. looking for 13 more teams! and sorry the draft is so sudden, they had no decent time slots left.


how do they fit? true to size? i'm in between a 12 and a 13, up or down? thanks.

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blogs? i know mad kids here have them, post them up! [URL]

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i could meet up with a lot of you dudes. sucks i'm over here in jersey. i know a lot of yall are in cali! i need to come out there. i know there's probably been a topic like this before, but it's probably ancient. who would you actually travel a decent distance to meet up with and kick it?

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i'm still working on getting my half sleeve finished. i talked to my guy today and he said it's gonna run me another $700, i've already dropped $300. haha, donate me a dollar! i don't care, anything will help me. my job is superslow right now and i'm having money problems. paypal: [email][/email] don't close this please! much love dudes.

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link: [URL] motorboatin' son of a bitch.

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if you're a harry potter fan, see it. shit, even if you're not. cinematography was amazing, as well as the acting for such young actors and actresses. i am a big fan myself, and clearly not ashamed of it. the battle scene was fucking [B]epic[/B].

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[URL] [Image]

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[Image] i hate candids.

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i've been rooting for the ducks, let's goooooooo! any hockey fans?..

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i know a lot of people here are heavily into photography, graffiti, or whatever else. we're looking for new members possibly for our first art pack. seeing that our main site is coming soon! so join up, and let's see if you have it. [URL]

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[URL] i love my life.

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large art only, no signature shit. must apply, holla at us! [URL]

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