what is that new song w/ freeway & jay i just heard it this morning it's crazy

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im not sure where this goes but does ne 1 remember the velcro bracelets that u get out of the 25 cent machine and they were str8 and then u slap it on ur wrist and it would go around it and if so where r they now?

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does nebody know how to put videos on an ipod bcuz it supposedly is as easy as syncing music but that's bullshit

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the song on the kanye mixtape young folks where did he sample or bite that from because i keep hearing it at work and it's driving me crazy that idk it

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Does nebody know of some more AF1 Hi releases because i haven't had a pair since the black and white ones but i'm not feelin the latest editions too much

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I just wanted to know how do greedy genius' run? Are they true to size? I would appreciate it

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I was watching this movie the other night and don't know what it is but it was dope it had tobey maguire,katie holmes,christina ricci, and elijah wood and it was set in connecticut or some shit and it was an extremely cold night. I'm guessing it was in the 70's because all of the kids parents are at a key party and elijah wood's character ends up being electricuted on the ice and christina ricci ends up in bed with some other kid and they drink vodka. The reason i'm asking is because my tv guide channel doesn't show hbo or hbo2 anymore, anyways i wolud appreciate it if someone could help me out.

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i mean there is at least 3 pairs that i want with the tech challenges, III's, and i just want air assaults and i think that's just the fist half of the year

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i was at work on saturday and this kid that works with me was getting off hours before me because he is a minor and i saw him with the animal kingdom joint and he put it on over his uniform and you could tell he was tryin to stunt because i live in florida and in my store it's like 80 degrees the shit was pretty funny

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if that's what it's called i'm not sure but idk how to do it and i'm lazy so be specificsmokeyface

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i saw it last night and i thought it was going to be a piece of shit but it was pretty much in the same spirit as the american pie series

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who has seen the new season?smokeyface

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does anybody know of any alfred hitchcock movies besides psycho, frenzy, and birds i saw his documentary and i want to indulge my crazy side>smh

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i love court forces and everything and most of the colorways are dope but is nike trying to flood the market with them or something?

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where can i get one of these i haven't seen those anywhere

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