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So, for all the guys here who are college-aged (and it'd be nice to hear from anyone that goes to UCLA), I'm applying to UCLA and I need to write two 1000 word prompts for my essays. Prompt #1: 1000 words on "Describe the world you come from

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The dude's the definition of a G, I wish I lived his life [URL] Discuss.

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The dude's had AIDS for like 18 years...how the fuck isn't he dead yet? Money injections? [URL] DISCUSS

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Scale of 1 to 10 you faggots

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[URL] discuss on the hilarity of this fucker and his entire act

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Alright, so it's not necessarily ANY bottle, but my friend and I are gonna get a bottle of vodka, and I was thinking about something that I don't usually get but at the same time, is semi-generic and well priced. Basically, I'm looking for the vodka version of "underground hip hop"... Just shed some light...if I don't get any good responses, I'll just go with some boring Smirnoff or Svedka so its not THAT big of a deal, but it's always nice to have a little variety, right?

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now you can get with this, or you can get with that you can get with this, or you can get with that you can get with this, or you can get with that I think you'll get with this, for this is where it's at -Alright, I'm deciding on some summer beaters...I definitely agree with you guys when one of you will tell me to "dress myself", but I like all of these nearly equally the same. The problem about the black lows, is that in the white America that I unfortunately live in (along with most of you guys...don't fucking lie), teenage girls wear them to death, which I dont find a problem, but I feel like I'll have mad peoples askin me "why i bought girl shoes" and shit. No one around here wears white lows , so I'd be in the clear with that, but I normally stay away from white shoes in general. Also, if I wore the highs, I'd feel like some Seattle dick-riding Kobain grungey mother fucker, which isn't good, yet I wouldn't get flamed for wearing a staple of American fashion that ignorant fucks think are feminine. I would literally be beating these to the fucking death, like, if the soles weren't falling off by the time school started again, I'd be disappointed. In your guys' opinions, which looks better beat? white or black? [URL]

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Alright, first off, you cuntfucks, I'm going to a big ass outdoor concert in a couple of weeks and I need some motherfuckin advice. My 20 person entourage and I, like every group of teens, wants to slip substances that may be considered illegal, in to the show. It's an all day event, so we'd be bringing a lot of shit if we could. Basically, enough for every person and then some. This should be a chill gathering. It's a concert of a bunch of underground artists who are definitely down with shit. I'm thinking that we'd be able to get shit through with no problem due to the fact that all of the artists are more than cool with the shit we'd be bringing in. Please answer the following: 1. If we do try to "smuggle" shit, how hard would it be? Would a simple 'stick it in your sock (no homo) and walk passed the people taking tickets' do the job? 2. I'm assuming if we had premixed alcoholic beverages in bottles, mostly disguised as the bottled beverage, we wouldn't have a problem at all? 3. As I mentioned, these people attending and performing are mad chill, what are the chances of them using drug dogs/faggots patting us down before we go through the gates? 4. Share any similar experiences or more information if you want to, it will most likely be appreciated. pz

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First off, fuck the "recession" Secondly, FUCK reffing youth soccer, that shits homo as fuck anyways, I applied at my local Vans store about 6-7 weeks ago, I really want this job because I definitely need some money and if I dont get an actual job, I'll be stuck reffing 14 and 15 year olds' soccer games, which fucking sucks HIV positive chimpanzee dick, so that's not an option. Plus, working at Vans would be dope for the following reasons: 1)Vans hype in MN/midwest isn't hype at all, and the place I applied for is in a mall that has Zumiez and Pac Sun in it...basically, no one goes to the Vans store because they all like to wear Rogue Status and think that they're Rob Dyrdek. Because of this, I would get paid as every other kid my age, to do nothing but sit around. 2)50% off Vans products and like 25% off affiliates (Northface and shit) 3)Every person who works there most likely smokes weed so we could talk about danks all day Furthermore, I called the place today and said "Hey, my name's GGGGGGSTUDIHOEZ and I turned in a job application to you guys about a month and a half ago, I was wondering if you ever got a chance to look over it?" and the manager told me that in a couple weeks, they're going to look at all the applications and basically [B]call every one of them in for group interviews[/B]. [B]My question is, how do group interviews work?[/B] It might seem like a stupid question, but to me, a lot of different little "scenarios" could go down with that. Like, do they take the top peoples from every group and put them in another "final round" group and then take actual employees from there or what? I've never had a job with a boss before so I'm definitely new to this shit. [B]What should I wear to this shit? I'm thinking like a plain shirt, jeans, beat cabs? What should I be prepared to do at this group interview? If I see a fine bitch in my group, should I proceed to walk her across the mall, have her buy me Taco Bell, and then proceed to fuck the shit out of her?[/B] Discuss

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Help! Help! Help1 i have soccer in a couple hours and i only have one sock...what should i do?!?!?!?! [size="4"]where should i look to find my other sock!!![/size]

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Alright, I'm not sure about how many of your schools (high school) have random drug dog appearances to check over the school lockers and school parking lot for any weed, tobacco, alcohol (although im not sure if they can smell that), etc. I just saw a kid get picked up by my school's Assistant Principal, our school cop, and the school parking lot faggot. Granted, this kid is some wigger ass mother fucker who probably had on some stupid ass South Pole x Echo x LRG x AF1s fit, aaaannndd he's probably a dumb ass with his shit, but I can't help but to sympathize with him. Like, the dude will get a 10 day suspension (depending or not if he had a previous slip), which will make him automatically fail all of his classes (at my school, if you miss 10 days of class without being excused, you "10-out" and have to retake all the courses that you "10ed-out" on during the summer) and have to retake them in summer school. Then, law enforcement will get in on it and he'll get fucked with that too. Fuck the police

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Alright, so, what the fuck? I've been here for 21 months, and I've seen the attitude of users drastically shift through polar opposites. When I humbly arrived in July of 2007, I remember seeing posts about when the latest SBs were dropping, where people could get The Hundreds, Diamond, even gay ass limited LRG birdshit promoted by fuckin Ben Baller. Outfits consisted of some random washed out streetwear brand, raw jeans from whereever the tiddly-fuck (cheep would probably have a better mental record of this), and Nike SBs. People wore Supreme but they couldn't afford it. Fucking 2007 comes around, and Supra starts getting bigger, as far as I'm concerned, Supreme is getting more prevalent, Nike SB is dying, and the whole "+++Supreme. Dior19cm-MIJ. Vans." movement comes around and we got mad children wearing all of that. K Boog makes a fool out of himself (repeatedly), Fear goes from McLovin, to McLovin in APCs and Supreme, and a whole other mess goes around and clutters up HB until present day. Like [B]WHAT THE FUCK?! WE DON'T EVEN HAVE FUCKING FIT BATTLES ANYMORE! WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON IN THE FUCKING COMMUNITY?[/B] Fucking Helg or Drew or whoever the fuck, start this shit back up. Just because you guys were never mods when other mods did it, doesn't mean you have a right to sit on your lazy ass and not arrange fit battles. Come the fuck on. Anyways, back when I first joined, people were breaking out DS and VNDS shoes and shit, and we walked like fucking ducks so that the next time we wore our shoes, people would still ask us if we got new shoes. It seems that now, if you don't give a fuck about the shit that you wear, then you're fucking Arthur Fonzerelli. Like, you buy syndicates and supreme shit that's mad expensive just to act like you don't give a fuck. ...Guess what? I don't give a fuck about anything either, but there are some things that you DO have to give a fuck about if you want to be successful in life (Money, Pussy, Friends, et-fucking-cetera) and by successful, I mean living past the age of 19. The fucking question is, why the fuck don't people give a fuck anymore? Where the fuck did Sportsfreak go? Where the fuck did Admin go? Why the fuck am I not a moderator yet? [B]Why are 99% of the users on here riding 1% of the users' nuts?[/B] Why isn't there any more HB vs. SUFU/ISS/BT/NT rallies? Why did all of the OG motherfuckers on this board disappear? (Many of these some of us know the answers to, yet, most of you guys are clued the fuck out) Discuss the shit out of this topic. We have smart enough people here to anatomically devour this bullshit.

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Alright, so, I'm a junior in high school, and like, for some reason, my mind wants me to fashionably mature and wear button downs and shit, like oxfords, westerns, etc. but like, when I imagine seeing a kid in my high school wearing like "business-y" (or just more professional looking) attire, I think of some faggot ass Speech and Debate Team member with some homo ass gelled up hairstyle. I don't know, it's just that the idea of myself (which I tend to think of being more of a rugged, skateboarding, urban style) wearing shit that could pass off as some form of lecture giving clothing, I feel like I wouldn't be true to what I mentally believe in as far as fashion....YET, I am in some kind of person vs. self fight about buying some nice one-color button downs. [B]What's your guys' opinions on said fashion for a high schooler?[/B] -GriffSpliffRiffPiffCliffDiffDoffDuff

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