Blank have been around for a good while and have been delivering the goods

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it'll get you 8 gold medals

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Genesis on the groundfloor of MBK is worth a check as well. They've usually got some decent nikes and some other stuff. They also have a really impressive sb collection worth having a look at (pretty much all the good old releases) even if you're not into dunks. The Nike shops in the various malls are worth checking as well as the Adidas original stores if you're into Adidas

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[Quote] Fuck the extremists on BOTH sides. Hamas and the Zionist settlers are as bad as each other. Both of these groups are an abomination to their own people. In this case though, Hamas can wear it. Should have renewed that truce

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no probs. Just to add, if you get a second hand setup, check for any play in the headset or bottom bracket. Seems quite common in the ones i've come across - can either be a case of just needing to be tightened back up or can also need replacing. Also its not a bad idea to pull off the rear cog/lock ring and give the threads a regrease and retighten. This can prevent binding in the threads which can chew them up. A slightly loose cog can do the same. small things to do to prevent needing to replace a hub. actually, checking the cog and lock ring would be a good idea on a new complete set up as well

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If you're looking to keep to a budget, hit up bike shops for second hand parts/frame. Although, for $300 you probably want to just find a second hand complete, because buying all the parts separate starts to really add up. You're looking at a frame/fork, headset, stem, bars, bottom bracket, cranks, chainwheel, wheels (inclusive of hubs, rims, cogs, lockrings), tyres, chain, brake(s) if you choose, seat post, seat It gets quite pricey if you're looking to build one up. Check this site (def a good place for ordering parts) for a rough idea: Even with a second hand complete setup you might need to replace a couple of things.

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its funny that HAL beef with Beyond since staff from both are pretty much in the same crew. Yeah the claremont momentum was pretty much setup with the same aim as the beyond city store. The guy behind most of that works for HAL now. pretty much bailed mo's straight after the re fit was finished lol. Yep, the freo store is simple but chilled. spent much of my teens there. super tight with most of the older freo skate crew as a result. gonna be a sad day when woolies get KO'd Not sure if unison has a site. If it helps, its on the main street in Leedy (oxford? )

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no doubt. I have two pairs. do the math. but seriously. they're not platform shoes. just get some of those shoes for people with one leg shorter than the other, but for both legs..... or try that shit in that gattaca movie trying to jack your height with shoes is dumb as shit though. Imagine the disappointment for the chick when you take your shoes off. It'll be like a tissue stuffed bra

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haha, my mate works at the claremont store, but I don't think he's who you're referring to. Having said that, some of the staff work both stores Yeah the Mt Lawley store is a bit nicer on the fit out and given they got the extra room they can jam some extra shit in. You should suss Unison in Leedy as well. They're getting in much better stuff than when they first opened. Beyond is great though. Cool guys, decent proddy and equally good prices. Do you ever check momentum? I've been hitting them up for near 15 years now. Was the shit back in the 90's, back when DC was still good and only marketed to skaters and they still made Droors brand. Zoo York was raw back then as well. I remember getting a pair of es koston 1's when they first dropped. proddy was sick back then. Skating in general actually. the Perth scene was good and ghetto. a bit like the shit in "Kids" haha. good times. Anyway, Momentum still get alright stuff from time to time if the staff can convince the owner actually order good stuff. It's gone a bit downhill as of late since one of the managers left since he was the main driving force behind getting anything good in. They still get a good vans selection though. pretty sure they got a vault account now. Provider was actually one of the joints in Melbs where I found to be cheaper than over here. Come to think of it, I think it was where I bought the hat and shoes mentioned before. Sole-Provider has pretty high prices imo, but the fact they have sales and clearance stuff all the time makes up for it. Think you have to be on their mailing list though for the sales. Picked up a pair of the OG cw structures and a pair of OG cw royal blue AM lights for $165 each one time. missed out on a pair of the teals by about 5 minutes. was dev about that for a while lol

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This was back in March. Differences are still there but not as much. Haven't been into HAL for a bit but I did notice their prices had dropped a bit and some places east had raised prices a little, hence closing the gap, but there's still differences. I'm not trying to rip on HAL because I understand the market here is smaller yet they still got to make the margins. But, it's a little hard to justify when I see a $30 and $70 mark up on a cap and shoes I bought over east. Funny thing is, it's more the common releases. I remember with the atmos AM1's that released a bit back their prices were the same as anywhere else. One thing which actually suprised me a bit was that as far as selection goes, HAL was considerably better than any one place I hit up in Melbs. Of course though when you put all the joints within the CBD together the variety is amazing. Still, after deals and shipping are factored in, of course it makes sense to shop local. If you don't mind me asking, which online spots are you hitting up?

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[Quote] Trust me man, the differences were pretty solid in some cases. Was over in Melbs earlier in the year to watch the F1 and naturally dropped by the majority of decent stores within the CBD and along Chapel. While on average I saw difference of about $30 a pair, I saw differences of up to $80. I noticed Undefeated stuff is dirtloads cheaper there as well. Prob since there are multiple accounts around. Still, economies of scale I guess. what can ya do smh As for europe - the pay above and beyond what we pay for most stuff. it's all parity though. In reality, after exchanges and average pay rates are factored in, it's just the states that get shit cheap. This economic downturn is saving me so much money though. haven't touched my ebay account in months haha

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[Quote] Yeah, but having mates working there means I don't have to drop knowledge for deals blushing Still, up until recently, it was still cheaper just to rock shit online than get discounted stuff from HAL, or anywhere locally for that matter. As much as I like to support the locals, can't justify mark ups of $50 or more on a pair of shoes compared to what our east coast friends pay No different to anything else in this town though I guess. Perth gets raped. Anyway, just remembered my mate is working in NY for the next few months and staying in the upper east side. He's a bit of a metro though, so would probably get laughed out of the shop if I sent him to do supreme pick ups

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[Quote] thought they didn't ship outside of the US. or did you go through a proxy?

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[Quote] cos black has been around longer than white? black is OG race aside, this result has been so good to watch unfold

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as a rule of thumb, girls that you can pick up by buying them a drink at the bar are usually hussies and chances are you'll be able to take them home without having to buy them a drink. Seriously, I've taken tarts home even after buying drinks for me and my mates and skipping them on the round. This is all well and good if you're just after someone to release some pent up frustration on but if you're after a chick with some longterm stuff in mind - forget the bars. Look at it this way - if a chick is that easy AND quality, she'd be snapped up long ago. It's all about meeting girls in a common setting - work, school, friends parties etc. So, save your money. Better yet, try get them to buy YOU drinks

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